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Cost in France?

I'm going to be studying in Tours for a year and I was wondering what the cost/availability of paintball is going to be.

1. Looking for average cost of paint, air fills, admission.
2. Also if there are any special rules, (fps limits? no camo? certain guns disallowed? etc.)
3. Field recommendations
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You'll be welcome to France !

Paintball in France is not going that well and you're right to ask questions first.
I think you'll have to pass through customs with your gun(s) partially dismounted to avoid troubles (no barrel mounted for example).
Few guns like X7 are not allowed. If you want to bring one, call it MM1000. Actually every gun that look like a "real weapon" is not allowed. So bring even a KP or a PGP is not really a good idea. If you play with a DM or a Cocker you'll be fine.

Cost may change... I don't know the fields around Tours. In the Paris area, admission + air fill is about 15-25 Euros. A box of good paint is 40-45 Euros. High grade paint is 70 Euros.
The fps limit is 300.

Some fields are more or less dedicated to SAB with a bit of wood for rentals. Those fields are rare but they don't allow people dressed full camo.
I'll try to pick up some addresses on the main french camo forum and post them here.

My friend Rass who comes on MCB is not living too far from Tours, I think he will give you some tips.

Sorry for my poor english... I did my best.

Have a nice stay in France !

Edit: If you post on MCB you might be a pump player... and pump is coming back to France. If you're willing to move up to Paris when you'll be in Tours (1h30 by train), bring your pump. We don't wear Hawaian shirts but we still have fun

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Brass and Wood Fan
Too bad i'll probably not going to open my field this year... indeed i am not that far from Tours, it's a 2 hours drive still.

1. The average field admission is 15e and includes field access and air filling for all day.
The average box of paint is from 40 (rental/training) to 60 (high grade).

2. I recommand you to bring your gun dissassembled, and the parts not together.
Let your tank in USA and find one here, insurances don't work with the DOT norm but PI.

Paintball guns have to be declared as real firearms unless they are set under 265 fps. So keep this line and you'll be pretty safe. Mil-sim or real looking guns are illegal if you don't have a firearm licence. But what is the definition of "looking like a real gun", especially applied to paintball? Nobody knows, that's why we kind of hide our Sheridans...

3. I've never played to these fields but here what seems to be the only 2 fields around Tours:
Slam Indoor Paintball
Paintball Story

I highly recommand you to register to this forum which is the main for scenario/milsim/pump playing in France:

Scénario-PaintBall (Le repaire des fougères)

Here you'll find people to meet and games to play. Be ready for some car trips
If you like pumping you'll find nothing but the shadok's days (look into the Recball sub-forums).

We'll all be glad to meet you!

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Thank you for all your help. Don't worry about your English, it is much better than my French. I have a few more questions.

1. Is the legal limit 265 FPS or 300 FPS? Or does this differ by region?
I know in Germany several people were recently arrested for paintball guns that were capable of shooting over their limit. I don't want to be arrested.

2. Any more information on customs/airports and things like that?

3. Is a Phantom VSC too gun-looking?
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Welcome to France !!!

To answer your few previous questions (these buddies of mine gave you about everything you need ti know) I'll second Rass on the dissassembling part, the more parts you have, neatly stacked in a parts box, the better. The phantom you have (phantom ruules !!!) doesn't look that much like a weapon to me, but you're better safe than sorry, so as long as it's all in parts, you'll be just fine.

Concerning the fps limit, as long as you keep under the 265 limit, you're going to be just fine all over french soil. I'll add a small red tape at the end of the barrel, just for safety and you're good to go.

What you can also do, if you really want to make sure you won't have any problems, is to bring one half of your phantom, say the upper half (body/valve/barrel) and have the rest shipped by a relative. This way, even in your suitcase, no one can tell you're carrying a functional weapon.

I'll also second Rass on the leaving your tank home part. Besides, we frogs aren't that hot on CO2, unless it comes in 12ies (more expensive than HPA to refill, and all the fields don't necessarily have CO2 filling stations).

To finish, make sure you come over to a shadok meeting ! We'll all make sure a fellow pump player has his fair share of fun !
Mind I ask what kind of studies you intend to do here ?

_PHOG pheedback__MCB Feedback_
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Brass and Wood Fan
Every laws applies to the whole country unlike in the USA (except a few minor).

We were playing under 300 fps until last year, but to be accorded with a new law we have to be set at 265 and we're trying to keep that line all over the country, this is so new that not everyone do it already.

Germany is pretty the same, but they must set their velocity at 210... so basically they don't even try to be in the lines...

I suppose the phantom is good looking as i bought 2 on here a couple of months ago, they came in my mail with no problem. But again, to avoid any issue, i made the seller ship them in parts.

I can be a 3rd party to receive your parts if you need someone to, however Tours is a 100 miles away from my home.
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Originally Posted by twist View Post
Welcome to France !!!

Mind I ask what kind of studies you intend to do here ?
Just learning the language and absorbing the culture. I'll be taking a full course load of reading, writing, and speaking French. (I've only taken one semester so far) My degree requirements are all finished in the US but I still have scholarship money so I figured France sounded like a cool place to spend a year.
If all goes accordingly I should arrive around August/September or so.
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I didn't expect so much French paintball players to be here! (hey guys )
And only the best real city G's from campton city old school pumpin!

Ted! Ted!

Soo, great to know that some U.S.A student is coming to our sweet fun happy country!
...and that he's a paintball player...
...and that he is a pump player!

I have nothing else to add to my companion's advices; take your phantom apart for the transport, maybe well set under 260fps, and let your DOT tank in your homeland; you will have to find one with the european PI norm!

That may do the trick; that's what I would do if I was you.

Bon allez!

Santé bonheur,
Santé bonne humeur!

Merry christmas!

Regards from kazakhstan
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