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Nevada, Sept. 10-12 - TAW: Starship Trooper: Always bet on Aces 2010 Storyline

by: Charles "Damian" Allen
Copyright 2010 - TAW SCENARIOS - All Rights Reserved

The tattered images of long ago friends, whose eyes and demeanor were that of unseasoned “Grunts”… with their freshly burned “tats” that said, “Death From Above” were vividly recalled, then tossed one by one in the flames of a fire barrel… the faces distorting and charred by the consuming flames. Too many faces to remember names, but the names of THOSE ones… were never forgotten.

“Everyone needs a friend like me…….” Ace thought to himself as he solemnly looked at the now fully consumed pictures of his old friends. It was a comment he once told Riccoe back at “camp” when they first encountered each other. Over and over Ace thought to himself that The Federation was an absolute cluster %@#* from the get go. Everyone thought the “bugs” were the enemy when in fact we were our own worst ones.

Millions were lost in the unwinnable battle against the hordes of arachnids, but, The Federation needed something to fight, to feel ever so powerful, but, they were too damn arrogant and self righteous not to realize we were outnumbered and out matched by them. But, it didn’t seem to matter to “Command”, they just kept sending in the troops to get slaughtered.

Klendathu... then…. “P”... it was insanity. Yes, the tide seemed to turn when the “Brain Bug” was captured, hell, Karl had a field day when he touched the Brain Bug and almost ceremoniously revealed that it was “afraid”. However, it seemed all too easy… I know that might be rough to think because so many were lost to include “Diz”, but… there was more going on than anyone really knew, something big.

Enough was enough and that is why I went rogue. Force on force fighting against the bugs was a losing battle and almost 2 decades later, we proved that. These were the things weighing on Ace’s mind.

“Sir! Incoming transmission.” A roughed up Com-Op reported.

“Who From?” Ace inquired, partially annoyed at being taken away from his reminiscent thoughts.

“Marauder One, Sir.”

Ace looked inquisitively irritated, but not surprised… however, he did not respond right away.

Meanwhile… on another part of the “verse”…

“Come on, Sir… we need to deploy… NOW!” A seasoned Marauder Mech Pilot said to his commander.

“At ease Corporal… I know the schedule.” Colonel Riccoe responded shortly with a commanding bark.

“Come on, Ace… pick up the COM… I know you are out there.” Riccoe whispered to himself while looking back at his Mobile Infantry Troops and his Marauder Mechs prepping for drop.

The Com crackled and was static ridden…. But as if coming to life, the COM clicked and a familiar voice came across the speaker…… “Let it go, Marauder One”.

“Let it go? Ace! Stand down your forces and surrender yourself to The Federation. I do not agree with what they (The Federation) have been doing but what YOU are doing is suicide!” Riccoe desperately spoke.

“Brother, there is a time when someone has to make a stand. The bugs are not the enemy….. the Federation is!...... Rogue One….. OUT!” Ace retorted. Then, the radio went to static.

“Rogue One….. Rogue One! Damnit Ace! Pick up the Com!”…….. there was nothing… just static.

The bugs are not the enemy? How can he say something like that Riccoe thought to himself as they had seen with their own eyes the millions of casualties since their first encounter with the bugs.

“Sir! Com-Track shows the transmission came from here….” The Com-Op pointed to a holographic planetary system map. “Hhhmm, strange.” The Com-Op continued.

“What is strange Corporal?”

“Looking at our Nav-Plan….. Fleet already has us inbound for that location.” Com-Op continued.

“They tapped our transmission?” Riccoe questioned.

“No Sir, from the looks of the Nav-Plan, that location was the original destination! The Fed already knew his location!” Com-Op exclaimed.

Herbieus Prime…. Also known by its unofficial nickname… Planet-H… was barren just like Klendathu and “P” but obviously there was something of great importance there, otherwise…. The Federation would not once again concentrate and sacrifice its forces there. This time though, the Federation was dropping its Marauder units in with its troops to offer greater fire power and support. However, the problem with the Marauder technology was power consumption.

Mining for fossil fuels and looking for alternative energy had become a paramount concern for the Federation as resources on Earth and other planets had been exhausted.

Unbeknownst to the Federation and even his own distant best friend, Ace… uncovered a clandestine ploy by the Federation which started back on “P”. The Fed began “mining” operations at a “spare no expense” decree when it came to troops and equipment. So in other words…. The Fed does all the mining, and the troops do all the dying! However, ANY one that spoke out about the Federation was met with a non-public Court Marshal which verdicts always led to immediate Capital Punishment.

Where once the battle lines were clearly defined…. Mankind versus the bugs, now the War seems to be fought on more than one front. The Federation is slowly being challenged from within and the ranks, by those who are no longer blinded by the fascist pomp and circumstance, over the top propaganda, and false hope at receiving the over inflated “citizenship”. That coupled with the continued fight against the Arachnid Hordes…. It all seems like a futile situation.

What is the REAL reason Ace went rogue? Why specifically was Riccoe sent in to bring him out? What is the Federation’s true purpose for going to Herbieus-Prime?

Come join TAW at Nevada’s largest and longest running scenario paintball field…. Herbies Paintball Park located just East of Reno in Fernley, Nevada. This field was designed for scenario events and was designed to put your skills to the test in a full scale challenging layout!

We will be on Ace's team, come join us!

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