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Mar 01-03-2013 09:30 PM

a few changes for this year?

TO steal some of Stilgar's thunder, I want to jump into a few big games this year.

I am thinking

1 at Real Deal
1 at Taktik
and EMR

I am planning on making 5 of these happen. I will even if I go alone.

On a second note - I want to try something drastically different... I have been considering trying....a.....snicker....SNIPER role.... lol

the GOG eNMEy has me thinking.... silenced, or with an APEX2.... total ghillie...

go to a local scenario or two, and try it out.... even at OXP.... besides, I aint getting any younger, right?

Stilgar 01-03-2013 10:30 PM

I am in for as many as I can before I go!

Asylum = PRZ??

Wasaga and or Canadian Carnage? As long as I am not in Halifax I will try.

Real Deal for sure!

Tactik for Sure!

Pumpers for Sure! Even if I have to drive from Halifax and meet you there.

Where What and when is OSG?

Romy31 01-03-2013 10:55 PM

I'd be down for any number of these depending on work.

Mar 01-04-2013 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by Romy31 (Post 2581245)
I'd be down for any number of these depending on work.


**** a job man: it ain't nuthin' but work!

Toad 01-04-2013 12:28 AM

I'll try for the local ones, I doubt I could go to the out of country stuff though. I'm going for my G2 so you should be seeing more of me.

Stilgar 01-05-2013 06:03 PM

I just looked up OSG. Its only 6 hours away!! And the field looks Amazing!

RusskiX 01-05-2013 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by Stilgar (Post 2583152)
I just looked up OSG. Its only 6 hours away!! And the field looks Amazing!

The New England contingent normally does a pilgrimage to OSG sometime in August and we'd love the extra company. We are hoping to get at least one other weekend in for 2013 and maybe even drag out the boss to the next one, since he's only an hour away.

Toad 01-05-2013 07:54 PM

OSG looks unreal! I would be down to go, assuming the parental units agree. I would like to hit up a few tournys at Marked also if anybody wants to make a team for some of em.

Marathon 01-12-2013 09:27 AM

If you guys are looking for scenarios has any consideration been given the the spring pump event? It is in blumington Illinois so it is quite a drive. It features 2 days of pump play. Dave (Snowzone) from Pinnacle paintball is going with some of his team. I am considering making the trek. If part of Featuring Death was there it would be really hard to stay home.

MCB thread

Facebook page

Stilgar 01-12-2013 09:41 AM

I guess I will have to look that one up!

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