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Featuring Death
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Originally Posted by Radar View Post
PM sent
I can get more info too?
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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
1) O.P.S. is great!

2) FD began more as a group of friends who enjoyed a similar play style. We never really thought of ourselves strictly as a 'Team' in the sense that 'Teams' usually enter some form of competitions (tourney's ect...) with the intent to win agains other 'Teams'

FD was more about friendly competition, playing hard but ensuring that FUN was paramount to anything else.

3) This may be my personal opinion, and the others in FD are certainly entitled to form their own, but Sponsorship in my mind usually comes with some form of responsibility attached. Not that responsibility is bad...however when I am playing for fun, I don't want to feel like I have to also 'work' at the same time.

For example, I often get asked advice at the field. Most of the time its little stuff like "where did you get that item X?" I always like to give the person an honest answer that is accompanied with a number of options for a)the item in question and b) where said item can be procured. I do this because maybe the item I have is not exactly what the other person wants and maybe where I got it from may not work for that person.

I don't want to feel I have to limit my answers to those places where I may have a sponsorship to. This might seem kind of silly but it is true. Paintball is my passion/happy place/stress outlet...whatever...I don't really want to change that.

3) Again this might be personal to me, but I already promote most of the places I might even be elegible for a sponsorship on my own. I do it happily because I want to. I have no insentive and recieve no gain from it and really I don't want that insentive.

Does any of this ramble make sense to anyone other than me? I don't know.

4) As MAr stated above, if a Store that I like, use and respect wanted to give FD a banner to hang at the field or if we go someplace... well I would have no problem with showing support like that.
Couldn't have written it any better myself...

I personally have no desire to get into the competitive side of paintball where sponsors can have a significant impact - I just want to have fun, blow off some steam and socialize with a diverse group of individuals.
Unfortunately "want" and "need" are two very different things...


Featuring Death: Bringing Honour to the Paintball Field
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more gooder
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If you just want patches i can send you some
DSGs are in stock
My Feedback
first strike pez dispensers in stock - pm me!
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Lol. I already rock one of those patches
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