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Stilgar 02-17-2013 11:49 AM

Featuring Death Application
The 'Leadership' of the club sat down and discussed the health and direction of the team.

We created the official Current roster (this may surprise some people...)

We developed a process by which to admit new members.

We came up with some criteria that we are looking for.

All this was done to ensure that Featuring Death maintains the vision that it was originally created for. This club is something that many of us have put a lot of time and effort into and we do not want to lose this.

That being said, If you are interested in being apart of this club please read below and follow the steps laid out. They are not extreme but they are necessary. So please keep and open mind and understand that this process is fluid and potentially subject to change.

1) Read and understand Featuring Death's Guiding Principles as well as the Player's Code of Conduct.

Our short list of guiding principles is:
1. have fun
2. suck less than we used to
3. be good ambassadors for the sport
4. don't scare off the new players
5. keep costs down
6. promote pump, low rate of fire and old-school play
7. get everyone visiting the M.CB's forum!

Players Code of Conduct

Paintball Players Code of Conduct - 2010 <--- edited
By Thumper, with contributions from posters on MCarterBrown
Mod 1 - last revised Aug 4, 2010

1) I will read and follow the rules - staying well with in their boundaries.

2) When I feel a hit, I will cease firing and promptly check myself. If hit, I will call my self out, and quickly exit the game as to cause minimal disruption. If possible and not disruptive to the game, I will congratulate my opponent on his efforts if due. I will NOT wipe paint or continue playing on once I feel a hit.

3) When I shoot an opponent and see a ball break or hear a ball hit, I will immediately cease firing and advancing, and give the gentleman a moment to call it. After a few seconds, I will politely tell the gentleman where I saw the ball break (or tell him I heard it hit). If the gentleman continues to play on I will not lower my standards - I will simply continue to press my attack.

4) Once I am eliminated, I will clearly call my self out, hold my gun (or hand) UP, and exit the area quickly and in the least disruptive manner possible. I will then plug my gun and continue to signal out as I exit the field or return to the spawn area. During this time, I will not communicate to active players on the field.

5) Under no circumstances will I intentionally overshoot an opponent or shoot as to injure as opponent (groin, throat, temple, unprotected ear, ladies breast)

6) When I encounter an opportunity with a young, elderly or novice opponent, I will extend that player additional courtesy. (go for surrender, hopper shot, goggle shot, pack shot, or just move on to more challenging targets)

7) When I encounter a young, elderly or novice allied player, I will be patient with that player and inspire them by my example.

8) If I see an unmasked player (or spectator) on the playing field, I will immediate cease all actions that may endanger the unprotected individual. I will advise the player (or spectator) in question to PUT THEIR MASK ON. If they immediately comply, then I play on. If not, I plug my marker, yell CEASE FIRE, try to protect the player with my body, and then politely remove him from the playing field. The refs should take care of these issues, but as players we occasionally MUST step in for the good of the game.

9) I will use common sense at all times.

10) In person, and online, I will avoid flaming, condescending remarks, and actions that could possibly be construed as unsportsmanlike. Winning and loosing are not excuses for poor sportsmanship. I will be a gracious winner and a good looser. HOW I play and HOW I handle myself are far more important than the outcome.

11) If a situation degenerates into unsportsmanlike conduct, I will remove myself or otherwise avoid the situation.

12) I will not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs while playing the game as these can alter my judgment and physical abilities.

13) I will avoid using profane language in all instances.

14) At field paint only event, I will only shoot field paint.

15) If I think my marker is spiking, I will immediately pull myself from the game and address it. Furthermore, I will not intentionally perform actions that cause my gun to spike its velocity while playing. I will regularly chronograph my marker at every practical opportunity.

16) I will treat my marker as if it were loaded at all times. I will NEVER aim my marker at an unmasked player or unmasked spectator - loaded, or unloaded.

17) I will keep my markers bagged when in public and not in use.

18) I will not shoot public traffic signs, cars, pedestrians, pets, houses, lights, chronographs, buildings etc. that are not part of a paintball field and on the field of play.

19) I will encourage new players to try the game of paintball and will treat them with respect.

20) I will not use eliminated players, spectators, or refs as physical cover.

21) I understand that paintball is a game of honor, and I will play it that way.
2) Please take note of the criteria we are looking for.

Applicants should fit the following:
Little to no Drama
Respectful to all players (on and off the field)
Sense of humour
Able to take a joke/laugh at him/her self
Trigger control/ability to play with limited ROF
Sense of fun
Played 10 days along side FD (For FD to get a feel for the applicant and the applicant to get a feel for FD ethos and its members.)
MCB membership and active on the forum
Willing to buy an FD jersey (Sort of like a membership fee, The money will weed out those who are less committed…but the applicant will also get a nice jersey of their own.)
Will the applicant help promote FD and its ethos
Will FD members be happy to wear the same jersey as the applicant

3) Please Copy/paste and answer the following questions in this thread*

*The google form failed, couldn't view it anywhere and was difficult to share...

-Why do you want to join Featuring Death?
-Have you read and do you accept FD's guiding principles found on MCB?
-Are you currently affiliated with any other recball team?
-Are you willing to buy a Featuring Death jersey?

This really is important. We do need people to actually ASK us if they can join instead of just assume they are part of the club because they play on the same field...

In order to protect Featuring Death, we need to be able to control the membership roster.

4) Things to remember.

Application does not guarantee admission!

A negative response does not mean you cannot apply again in the future. The club can change its mind if the members feel that a previously excluded applicant has succeeded in meeting the criteria.

Well I hope this is all as clear as mud, if you have questions please ask.

*CJOttawa or MAr, Can this get stickied?

Toad 02-17-2013 12:25 PM

So, we buy a jersey then we are on the team? What happens if we don't get a jersey?

ThickChestHair 02-17-2013 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by Stilgar (Post 2627504)
Played 10 days along side FD (For FD to get a feel for the applicant and the applicant to get a feel for FD ethos and its members.)

Only 7 more days to go for me! lol

Stilgar 02-17-2013 02:26 PM

The jersey is an important part of being part of the club for a couple of reasons.

1) uniformity. Looking like a team is an important part of being a team!

2) paying for a jersey gets you a sweet jersey!

3) most importantly a person who is willing to put that small investment in shows commitment to the team.

Of course we are not expecting anyone to instantly buy a jersey. However I do think it is necessary to get one within a reasonable amount of time.

rcjunky 02-18-2013 12:40 AM

The next questions arise, how to get a jersey, and the cost affiliated, and the possibility of a group buy for a discount in the next month or 2

Stilgar 02-18-2013 05:58 AM

To get a jersey, talk to CJOttawa. He holds the design.

I think it came out to about $120ish when I bought one by myself...$45 in shipping...

So, if you get a group buy in then you will save there. The first one I bought in the original group buy came to total of $90ish...

As for a possibility of a group buy, its a good idea. Lets see who needs one and is ready to buy.

Fudge 02-20-2013 12:46 PM

So who reviews and approves the applications to join?
Is it a majority vote or a unanimous vote?

The Flounder 02-20-2013 02:00 PM

At the rate I am going I should fit the criteria in about 4 more years.

Stilgar 02-20-2013 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by Fudge (Post 2630569)
So who reviews and approves the applications to join?
Is it a majority vote or a unanimous vote?

Right now it's been a unanimous vote between Cjottawa, MAr, Canuck, Deek, Bob T Guy and myself.

The process is not set in stone and I would like to get as wide an assent as is possible as long as it remains manageable and decisions can still be made.


Originally Posted by The Flounder (Post 2630621)
At the rate I am going I should fit the criteria in about 4 more years.

Lol we should start up franchises!

The Flounder 02-20-2013 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by Stilgar (Post 2630780)
Lol we should start up franchises!

Featuring Death Southern Style?

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