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mike7822 07-15-2010 03:16 PM

njk's Feedback
Sold him my Pre-2k sniper. He sent the money quick and was a great buyer!

OKC - Espire 07-19-2010 11:57 AM

Sold Him some smapp parts I had for sale. Great Communication, paid quick. Pleasure to deal with.

Titus 07-16-2011 06:27 PM

Thumbs down from me. He wanted a piranha I have up for sale, told me to hold it for him and he would pay on friday. Got the confirmed PM from him on Thursday saying he would be paying the next day. Now comes Saturday, he said he had to work late, which I understand but payment would be coming today Saturday...

Now I get a PM saying he can't pay for it due to his wife giving me some phone bill he didn't know about.

It's pretty annoying when I have a mans word that he will pay, then it gets blown off like it's nothing.

Proceed with caution.

Titus 07-22-2011 09:08 AM

Update: He has since paid for the item, and was sorry for what happened. I'm glad to say he made things right.

chopper duke 11-12-2011 12:15 AM

Traded Spyder for Spyder. Easy to work with and shipping was fast! Thanks!

super_stanchy 12-10-2011 08:37 PM

bought my mag off me

paid quick


Titus 02-11-2012 01:57 PM

Excellent transaction this time. :) No complaints at all. Thank you very much.

Grendal50 02-15-2012 09:46 PM

Bought some Piranhas from Him, they came in quick.

Paully 03-02-2012 04:37 PM

I got a mag with extras off this guy...excellent transaction! Can't say enough good things about this guy. Excellent product, communication, fast shipping!

forstgump 03-19-2012 02:13 PM

Tank came well packed. Thanks for the good deal!

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