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bought a WGP on/off from him, super easy.

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Goods arrived quickly & in great shape. Very satisfied, thanks!
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Do not deal with him!

Do NOT deal with Hazardous/2K4!

After purchasing a pair of white events from him, i picked them up at the post office today. Upon opening the box, i was greeted with a split thermal lens, and little to no packaging.

The lens was a write off, and the mask body was pretty dirty. After contacting him to see if he could reimburse me, this conversation ensued:

Originally Posted by Hazardous/2k4
So let me see if I understand you want me to replace the lense? I made $15 profit off selling you and shipping that mask to a (p)ussy (a)ss Canadian.
Replacing the lense would cost about 15-20 dollars, and you expect me to do that. So basically I'm giving you a mask for free with new lenses? Is that correct, that's what you want???
(F)UCK YOU! Have a nice day BITCH!!!

Originally Posted by Mr.Smith
Originally Posted by Hazardous/2k4
Look on the customs form, it should say how much it was insured for, it was around $60-70 of insurance.

Originally Posted by Mr.Smith
Originally Posted by Hazardous/2k4
Um yeah that's not a crack, you said it was cracked in half, nice lie!
That looks warped from heat, looks like USPS let the box sit in the sun or something, but it's not cracked and I don't appreciate you trying to say they are, I still want 15 that you owe me, or please just send my mask back and I'll refund your money, I only made 15 profit after shipping the mask and you want to be compensated? Don't make me laugh...

Originally Posted by Mr.Smith
Originally Posted by Hazardous/2k4
I want proof! You are a liar and I did wrap the lense in a towel, you are just trying to get out of paying me what you owe, send my mask back then and I'll refund your money! I knew you were gonna bs me into not paying me what you owe me, last time I ship to Canada, you give your people a bad name.

Originally Posted by Mr.Smith
OK, really not happy with what I received in the mail today. Since you packed the mask with no padding, The thermal panes have now split in half, and i'd say the lens is now a write off.

I'd definitely like some sort of reimbursement for that. I do feel sorry for you that now it's cutting well into your profit, but really; You shipped it with no packaging. What did you expect?
IF the lens was like that before you shipped, that's a serious miscommunication on your part.

Hope to hear from you.


Thanks for treating me with respect. When i got the package, the lens was no longer wrapped in the towels, they were loose in the box. No other packaging like newspaper there. I've done many deals with people in the states over packages worth much more; markers, parts etc.. Every time i've had zero problems, with the exception of now. Why would i pick this as a great time to skip out on 13$?

Did you ship with insurance?


Again, thanks for the solid respect here. If you'll look back to my original message, i said split, not cracked. So again, if it's USPS at fault, did you purchase insurance for it? That would make things much easier.

Not trying to make anyone laugh.


Well, after talking to a nice man from USPS, its not replaceable due to the lack of packing materials. Try if you'd like.
After talking to a few members what to do about it, I'm just going to leave negative feedback if you don't want to replace the lens. Not worth the 30$ to ship it all the way back to you, it'd just be cheaper to buy a new lens.

Up to you.

As you can see, the man has little to no respect.
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Bought a CCM'd Superstock pump from this gentleman. Fast communication and shipping. Easy to deal with. Would recommend to buy from again.
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