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Well, since I'm a sucker for anything AGD, I of course bought both the AGD logo gauge set and an AGD T-shirt from TOTShadow. On top of that, I bought a used Automag Freakback as well. Both the gauges and the T-shirt were in absolute pristine condition - as expected. The freak back was in top notch condition as well, especially regarding its age.

So, there are several deals I've made with TOTShadow so far, and I'm supremely happy with each and every one of them. Comms smoth, and the deal super easy all in all. I will for sure do business with TOTShadow again, I encourage you all to do the same. This guy is the real deal.
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Paid for a 35ci tank from this seller on a mod approved pre-order.

The seller was left holding a bag of debt after his supplier went bankrupt, however he did not make repayments on all orders as required in the rules of a mod approved pre-order.

I would not send any money to the seller in the future.
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Got robbed

Done gave ToTshadow more than enough time and patience only for him not to respond to my PM's now, robbed me and alot of other people on a fake 35ci tank preorder. Chalking it up as a loss, will never deal with again.
My Feedback

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Patience at an end!

Well I've had some good transactions with Tot in the past and have been more than patient with the handling of this 35ci Ninja tank mess but due to poor communication or any assurances at all that this will be resolved, I have no choice but to leave negative feedback.

It's been over a year since this mess started and all I've received are false promises and no resolution. We only seem to get any kind of update when people are clearly pissed off and DEMAND A FRIGGIN' UPDATE!! I would think that 5 minutes of your time to provide us with an update once or twice a month really is asking for much or being unreasonable! My contract was with Tot with this order and although he may have gotten burnt by the distributer that he was purchasing these tanks from, I don't feel that I should have to wait until MAYBE he gets his money back from him. And I know that times are tough and the economy has turned to **** and life get's in the way but perhaps Mike wouldn't be in this mess if communication was better and showed us that he was making the EXTRA effort to make good on his commitment to us!

When and IF this gets resolved and I get my money back than I will gladly edit this thread but until then I'm clearly disappointed in the way this matter is being handled
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stole my money

i'm also one of the guys who paid for a 35ci tank, as he stated: he got the money for the tanks stolen from the company who got bankrupt

I can accept that, but he was reimbursed by Ninja for the regulators and the shipping money including the extra 5$ I paid for the shipment to Canada.

He also stated that he was making a profit in the deal.

therefore, this user has stolen from me a MINIMUM of 30$ out of the transaction, as we don't know how much he was making as a profit...
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