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We worked out a deal quickly and easily, and he paid promptly. Good guy, from what I can tell.
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I sold him a roller sear set. He payed quickly and was easy to deal with.
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Calling Out Tx-aggie

You Sir Are A Thief, It Has Been One Month And Four Broken Promises About The Property Has Been Mailed. I Am Employed As A Law Enforcement Officer And This Is Grand Theft By Florida Law. I Am In Contact With The Texas Authorities And A $300.00 Purchase Under These Circumstances Is A Felony There As Well And I Am Filling A Report. I Agreed To The Price For A SB Piranha And A Micro Ca II. You Have Given Me Nothing But Lies. The Money Or The Property Needs To Get To Me Asap. Sergeant206 All Board Members Beware!!!!!!!
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EDIT: Update Just received all but one of the items.5/8/08

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I recently did a high dollar trade with him for a nasty SS. We were supposed to ship everything at the same time with tracking numbers. I sent my stuff on the agreed day. There was some communication problems and delays but Will did overnight the gun at a high cost and was apologetic. I don't believe that anything was done intentionally, just an oversight on Will's part.
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Thumbs down

edited temporarily
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Thumbs up

EDITED: Will followed through for me on this transaction. It took him a while, but he had a lot on his plate. We've all been there. Even though it wasn't the smoothest transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks, Will.


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Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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Paypalled $50 for a direct stabilizer on 4-8-08. Have yet to receive it. Last communication was on 4-21-08, He said he had to leave suddenly for work and would ship the part ASAP. I haven't seen it yet and have had no further communication.

EDIT_The reg came in two days later. Everything looks good. Thanks man. Knowing now whats in his post below I would do business with TX_Aggie again.

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Every single item has been shipped.

I am not, and never have been a thief. I am guilty of severely mis-managingmy time & shipping all of your stuff much later than promised.

I've been caught up with finishing my masters project, frantically writing my thesis, and taking finals. Then, on top of that I had leave in the middle of it all to attend a funeral.

Every ship date that I gave you guys was one that I truly intended to meet. I am truely sorry for the late shipping. I screwed that up pretty badly, I'll admit. I got in way over my head with school (which is also work, since I'm a teaching & research assistant), and I let this stuff slide. That was wrong and unfair to all of you, but it hardly makes me a crook.

Sarge, do you honestly think that I would have given you my phone number if my intent were to rip you off? I didn't answer you last two (threatening) voice messages because I was stressed & wrapped up in studying, but I did return the first, more civil message.
And Sean, your free 13/3000 and male stabilizer are on the way. I really appreciate your patience and understanding. You also forgot to mention that the overnight shipping cost $72.00, and I paid that because you said it would make you happy. Apparently that wasn't exactly true.

Besides, no one should have to wait three or four weeks for a paintball gun - right?

If there is another thread where I need to post an explanation I would appreciate a link. I won't have time to search the board for a while.

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