Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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Bought an extended feed plug for my PGP. Very nice work. Got to me pretty quickly too. Thanks!

Andry : )

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Once again another great transaction. Sent my parts right away and awaiting more from him. I will buy some more stuff in the future. Trust when you buy from him.
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I ordered from Mass Extinction Paintball in early July (2008), and three weeks later found the site apparently gone. As it turns out, Chris had some serious computer issues, and the site essentially got nuked. This is a man who has enough on his plate already without tech problems.

After I contacted him he e-mailed me back with a profuse apology and a promise of extra goodies with my order. Even though I wrote back and told him not to sweat any of that, that I understood his busy-ness, and that I was happy just to have my original order, I few days later I get this package crammed to bursting with all manner of cool stuff. In fact, every single item in that box was something I had initially wanted to order, and most of it was stuff that I actually need, but had either forgotten to order or was putting off for later.

To say that I am an extremely happy man would be an understatement. Again, Chris did not have to go this extra mile, and in fact was told specifically not to. But he did it anyway. And that is very telling of his character. It certainly confirms that his high reputation is not just a bunch of talk.

So. Even though he's having website troubles as of now (August 2008) and likely cannot process new orders for a time, I strongly invite you to order from him as soon as he gets back up and running. His prices are fantastic, the goods high quality, and the shipping swift and sure.
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I placed an order on MXP on may 25th, 2008. I paid via paypal. I followed the instructions to paypal and knew that I needed to confirm my order once I was done with paypal. I read the instructions and thought I was supposed to be redirected back to MXP after I paid. I was never redirected. I went back to MXP and could not confirm the order. I figured that it probably happens frequrently so I sent an email using the contact us link as well as sending a manual email to the (that was what was on paypal). I didn't hear anything back. I let it slide for a while after I saw the "im busy, have a baby" statement on his site. Then I started to see others that were in my position. I have sent at least a dozen, if not 2 dozen, emails to, that orders email and an hotmail address that was in paypal.

I gave up for a while, it wasn't for much. I check the normal forums to see if his name pops up and I checked his site. It showed some old hardware and DVDs. I sent another email with no response. I figure he is some scammer and just chalk it up to a lesson learned.

I check his site again, it shows that his site bombed and to email him lost orders. This has been going on for quite a while and I see the poster above me had some issues since July and has since received his items or a refund and is happy.

I have been told that he is a good guy and what not, just my experience and a pretty poor one. Worst part, I had to explain to my wife that I spent money on paintball (She hates the sport) and got bupkis. Got the evil eye on that one.

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