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Bought 4 freak inserts. Very helpful. Shared the marking system. Great MCB'er.
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Bought three more inserts in a mini group order. Awesome deal as always, came packaged very well.

Great seller, and an awesome product! thanks man!
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bought a freak insert perfect machining, and he communicated well
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Excellent communication. Great brass insert. Thank you again.
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Purchased 3 brass laser engraved inserts and Ty also freak bored two barrels for me. Does great work and sells the best inserts for my $$. Hope to do more business with him again in the near future!
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Great guy, did a trade with him. His end came through great, and his brass inserts are top notch.

My feedback
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Worked out a trade, for some custom camera parts.

Ty did an excellent job with the project, Highly recommend him for you custom project.

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Bought three inserts from Ty. Great inserts, very worth the price of admission, so to speak. Awesome communication and shipping was spot on as well.
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Old 11-13-2012, 12:56 PM   #109 (permalink)
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You sir have set a new standard by which all other custom product manufacturers are going to be judged.

Shortly before super storm Sandy hit the east coast I ordered some parts from tymcneer - brass freak inserts. Being more than a touch egocentric it never concerned me where he was from. They were nothing I was in a hurry for anyways and I let him know this early on.

Then I read his posts about having to prepare for the storm, including preparing for water intrusion into the shop. Hmm.. this was going to get to be an issue. No big deal I was not in a hurry

Not long after I read that the generator was up and running. A good sign for individuals but not a great sign for getting things out and shipped.

It was here that I decided to make some changes to my order. I mean the man had nothing better to worry about then me sending him messages saying "umm, I want something different". He handled these more professionally then I would have and I assured him I did not need them before spring.

They arrived within a couple weeks of ordering them. They were even marked with the size, a great bonus and something I was not expecting.

You are an example to custom makers everywhere
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So I ordered a series of custom parts for my Tiberius markers (barrels, triggers, mag releases, and sights) just over a year ago IIRC. But despite the delay, Ty came through on his word. Both times there was a major delay he added something to the order. First it was some detailing on one of the barrels. Then there was another major delay and he added a prototype freak barrel.

All in all, very happy with the transaction. Will probably be back soon to buy a couple freak inserts.

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