Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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All Lies....
But thank you for the kind words. I 'm a little slow with getting to the PO becasue of the work schedule and the dissertation. Saturday mornings are my PO runs normally.

Thank you for the patience,


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Smiley bought 4 Spyders and assorted barrels from me. Communication was good and Paypal was fast.

Also he was very helpful and knowlegable with some VM-68 questions I had.

All around great guy!!
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Thumbs up positive

He paid quickly for my facefull jungle mags...A+++
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I want to apologize ahead of time. Things have been tough for the past 18 months and they are about to get tougher (long story that I just don't want to get into). At the moment, I am slow with shop time and making the Post Office with my insane work schedule that I have just so I can make the mortgage payments. Life sucks. And since I can not function in a way that is reputable in a positive light, I'm backing off from doing business - selling and buying on here for a while until I can do good by other members. Very sorry. Its for the best.

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a5 frame

Very smooth transaction, I would do business with him again!
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Bought a Spyder and some other gear from me.
Great communication.
Would do business with him again!
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Sadly I have to post this here. I'll try and keep it short, and to the point.

Sent him my markers roughly in Nov of 2011 to be fixed. I was told they were going to be bumped to the top of the list and returned to me ASAP. He did say he was busy but would get to it. I would check his personal merry band of brothers forum only to see markers continue to come in, and be fixed, yet no work or update on mine. They were never bumped to the front of the list like he said they would be.

Each month I would check in or he would send me an email and let me know that they are not done, something is wrong with them, still testing to find the error, etc. I was told I would have them for this season of play. It's May now, I requested my markers to be send back to me only to be told NO.

I asked multiple times only to be told no over and over. Then the insults started happening. Between him calling me basically a dumbass who doesn't know how to tech his own markers, to being a cheap bastard, the insults just kept coming. He took my request to have my markers which are mine I own them btw, to be sent back personal. It never was meant to be personal, it's business.

I started a thread asking the members on here how long should one wait before requesting the stuff back. The thread has been removed, but the side I saw of him, didn't seem like him at all. How he is and I quote "The only person in the world who can work on my markers".

He was going to be working on these markers to make things right, no charge since he shipped them to me and they no longer work correctly. He claims it's user error on my behalf. Now that I have requested my markers returned to me, I was told to expect a bill.

Long story short, I have 0 returned calls, 0 returned emails, no confirmation that I am getting anything back and I am out 2 VM-68s, A Cooper T IMP I spent $300 plus on with smiley and a P68SC.

All I want is my markers returned to me. I will update when I hear something new.


Got my markers back couple weeks ago now, and missing a TON of parts. I sent in an email with 0 response. What I didn't get back:

VM's, 2 hammer o-rings, 2 valves 2 valve stems 2 valve springs, 2 recock screws 1 hammer pin and some assorted screws and orings. also all 4 of the trigger plates are missing.

The p68 is missing the complete valve assembly.

The Cooper T is missing the bolt pin.
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Got an item shipped, he was very busy with earning a phd and barely had time.

Sorry to hear that Titus, but it sounds like this is a last chance thing with his schooling. I honestly didn't expect him to get my part into the mail.
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Great guy to deal with, sold some spyder parts to him for his club. Very nice guy to deal with. Thank you!
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sold him a bunch of markers back in aug-oct 2014. very easy to deal and paid quick. just forgot to leave feedback so i'm doing it now.

t grip is comfy, ez is comfy, ezt is comfy, standard is comfy.. long as it's a pump I'm good 2 go...
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