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Received the 3357 - yeah! He's a good guy, for sure. Helped me out and made the deal happen - even with a misunderstanding on my part. I owe him.

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I have purchased both a Cool Camo Micrococker and a WGP Vertibrate body kit from Matt. I live local to him, so both transactions were carried out face-to-face. He has such a nice lot of toys. I will be dealing with him again for sure!
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Thumbs down BAD, BAD Experience......But Even Worse COCKY ATTITUDE.

I'm not sure what to do......I know what I'd do on eBay, but this isn't eBay.

I'm having problems with an item that I picked-up from Matt Watson (aka BADLUCKCHARM); I just picked-up a VM-68 from him.

After 2-3 weeks of delaying (he kept promising to send me his mailing address, THEN he kept promising to mail-out the marker), he finally sent the marker. I received it and immediately noticed that it was missing hardware......some of the factory bolts had been replced with 'local harware store' hex-head bolts, but they were THE WRONG PITCH/THREAD PATTERN, and were simply sealed together in a plastic baggie.

After rifling through my parts bin to find correct replacement bolts, I reassembled the broken-down (for shipping) marker. I then attempted to cock back the bolt, before airing it up. However, the hammer wouldn't slide past the sear. The only way that I could get it to slide past the sear was by holding the trigger back as I slid the hammer. It would then single-fire, as expected.

So, I cocked back the hammer, aired-up the marker, and pulled the trigger. The marker shot ONCE, but then immediately hung-up the hammer on the sear, began 'auto-firing,' and drained my CO2 tank dry.

I disassembled the marker, to examine the hammer, and found that it had been SEVERELY DAMAGED/MODIFIED by someone with a drill and/or hacksaw. There was NO WAY that it could EVER be operable; it had been butchered beyond repair.

I looked-up Matt's # and called him, expecting some type of explanation, customer support, or even empathy. I received none of the above.

After spending 5 minutes telling me how he was a 'master' Angel-tech and ruler of the angel universe, he then told me that I was S-O-L (S__t-Outta-Luck). He said that these markers were 'garbage' markers, that they were 'below' him, and that he only dealt with Angels. He said that it had been an 'As-Is' sale, and that the marker being non-functional wasn't his problem.

The thing is, the original listing didn't mention ANYTHING about missing hardware, butchered internals, or non-functioning status. Heck, you can't even cock the bolt back.

Matt eventually relented enough to tell me that if I mailed the marker back to him, he'd reimburse me what I paid for the marker, itself. However, at that point, I'd be out the original shipping fee PLUS the return shipping fee. With the weight of the VM, it would make more sense, monetarily, for me to buy a new hammer and new hardware. Additionally, the fact that he sold me a broken marker, without any qualms, made me doubt that I'd see ANYTHING upon returning the marker to him. (I realized why he ONLY accepts non-refundable USPS MO's.)

I've been in and around the paintball industry for 15-20 years, and I have over 1000(+) Feedback rating on eBay; this isn't my first paintball marker. This is, however, my first purchase on MCB.

I came here because of the reputation MCB'ers have for fair, honest transactions. I guess that I should have been more cautious and only bought through PayPal.

What's done is done, though. At this point, what can I do, other than getting the word out about this guy? (Apparently, he even tried to run some kind of $20.35 HIGH-SHIPPING SCHEME on the guy who wanted to buy the marker, before me, and then tried to sell to me the markers that he had already PROMISED TO SOMEONE ELSE.)

('BADLUCKCHARM'......more like, buy from me and 'YOURE****OUTTALUCK'.)

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bougth a defiant from him. Worked out well.
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
In short... I don't know what I'm doing. I'll figure it out after another beer.
Originally Posted by Hula Popper View Post
It's my first day as a MCB member and that was well worth $10
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He was fair with his sale. I purchased an alleycat and an equalizer. He was a little pushy with sending his money out (I ended up buying/returning 3 MOs), not the fastest with shipping, but I got what he advertised. Both of the markers leaked when I got them, but they were "wall models" meaning he never gassed them up.
For the price I paid, I was expecting them both to have wear comparable to field-rentals, but both of them were in fair to good cosmetic condition.

I'd buy from him again.
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Bought a Nasty Typhoon from him. Marker was as advertised.
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Positive Feedback

Just bought three guns from Badluckcharm, two Eclipse LED angels and a PVI Shocker- we used Angel Mastertech Ken Crane as a middleman. Everything went according to plan. I am relatively new to MCB, but after a couple of purchases just like this one, I am feeling very confident about buying and selling more. Thanks Badluck -KingAcquisitions
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A+++ trade


Great guy to do business with; Stays in touch and helps the process go smoothly. Definitely would do business with him again.
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Dark angel IR3

I bought a dark angel IR3 from him and was very happy with it. He was even nice enough to throw in a few extra things.
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bought 3 project Angels from badluckcharm. transaction went smooth. great guy!
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