Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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collectorandtrader Feedback

I noticed that Ralph didnt have a feedback thread so I made one up for him.

I bought 2 rule books from him. They both came packaged great and were in pristine condition. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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When I worked in the county prison, all my pals among the correctional officer staff were always talking about how they needed a large(r) caliber handgun in case they were confronted by someone on "PCP" or "Angel dust".

Now... all they talk about is zombies.
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I just received the Painter that Ralph (aka "General GunWhore") was using to prop open the vault door and I want to say thanks to RJ for the fast shipping and for going the extra mile to find a box big enough for the Painter and all the other gear he sent. The poor little Phillipino mailman who delivered it could have fit inside the box.

So here is my for RJ.

For a guy from Long Island... he is okay.


Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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Fan of EMR
I just did business with Ralph, he actually shipped the item without payment for my inspection and test firing!, and I made payment after my approval was established. The marker was in exceptional and as described condition.

I wold not hesitate to purchase from this seller again. He has a large collection and you must check his gallery here to discover what he has for sale, then click on it to open a larger pic and read the pricing. Other items are advertised in our 'usual way'.

It would take at least 2 hookers to satisfy me accordingly.

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Wood Stocks

I purchased two stocks from Ralph.

Great communications and items were as described. Will watch for more great products from him.

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Great buyer, paid promptly and was extremely cool.

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I bought a parts Nova from Ralph. I paid for it then had to go out of town. He was nice enough to hold onto it and ship it when I got back so it didn't have to sit on my porch for a week. It was accurately described (broken) but the condition was better than I expected. Very happy with the deal.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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Quick shipment.
Quick payment.
Good communication.

Good guy
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2 LB's and a SB

I did a deal with Ralph. Great guy. There was a shipping problem but he threw in an SB that I hadn't paid for to make up for it! Now that is service!!!! Thanks for a cool box of brass to work on and play with!

My MCB Feedback
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Brass and Wood Fan
I've been contemplating posting this for a while. Thought about it long and hard. See discussion thread here:

I purchased a KP2 from him on March 28th. Initial communication was great, he was very helpful. I paid for and requested Express Mail shipping to Canada. He did not ship the marker for 3 weeks (on April 19th) and sent it via Priority and not Express. I received the marker May 5th. It came completely dis-assembled (minus valve, which was still in place), but came with a P-series hammer (which won't work at all) and the cocking lug was broken off inside the bolt. There were also 3 broken paintballs inside the barrel and 5 still in the feed tube.

I PM'd him immediately after verifying that it was the wrong equipment (in this thread:

He responded back saying he was embarrassed about this and would talk to tacolex since he might have received the parts by accident. I did not hear from him again until I PM'd him on June 3rd. He did respond back saying he was busy and it would take him a while to find the parts. He did offer to reimburse me for the missing parts, but a stock first gen KP bolt and hammer aren't on the shelf at Walmart. Since the lug is broken off below the threads, it spins in place and will not thread out. I've purchased a new cocking lug but without full removal of the old one it cannot fit in.

The KP and Stock itself were in good condition. I just felt this was a very un-MCB like transaction with the slow shipping, broken/incorrect parts, and lack of concern with resolving the issue. I understand he's opening a Tattoo shop and he's very busy, but that doesn't excuse poor BST behavior.
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****ing Ninja my ***...that **** is Black
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I haven't wanted to post negative feedback for a respected member here, but now that I see that someone else is having the same problem as I am, I need to speak up, as well.

I have nearly the same senario as Frink - I purchased a PMI-1 over three months ago. Communication was slow from the start and it took an extremely long time to receive the marker. When it did arrive, it arrived dissasembled and missing the trigger frame screws and the hammer (Frink, you probably have my hammer ).

I have received minimal replies to PMs over the past few months, but when he did reply, they were apologetic and promised to make the deal right. But - many empty promises have come and gone.

I, too, understand how hard and time-consuming starting a business is (I started mine in the last two months), it is just not right to let a sale go mishandled and unresolved.

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FOR SALE: GEAR and STUFF and Markers
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