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Great transaction. Will buy from again without hesitation. Parts were new. Very trustworthy.
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Thumbs up VERY Positive Transaction

Bought his classic-style 'Mag valve Cap in high polish with a torque hole. What can I say, the craftsmanship is impeccable! No visible toolmarks, no sharp edges, flawless threading and perfectly matching circumference to the valve.

If you want one--buy it without fear or hesitation! Great guy to deal with who keeps very well in-touch and fabricates flawless items.

$$$ WANTED $$$
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Also bought a valve cap from him for a Classic Mag... Walking Stick is right, great quality in every aspect for the piece, and for a good price too. A+ guy.

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Thumbs up

Bought a MADE TO ORDER valve cap. Machined quickly, shipped, and looks great. Easy transaction. A+
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Like the three above me, I bought an Automag valve cap. The craftsmanship is flawless. Great guy to deal with. A+
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EDIT: I have received and used the 'mag valve cap. I will create another post to reflect that.

paid for a automag valve cap in March (my first mistake)

Matthew said right from the start that he was busy with school and it might take him a little extra time. I said it was cool, no rush.

Matthew was busy with school finals around may/june, so I was understanding. (He apologized and said it would quickly get finished when he had more time this summer.

It is now August. Two weeks ago I pm'ed him and he said it was finished and was just waiting to ship out. Told him to ship it and have not seen the part or heard from him since.

Deus Machina, AKA Matthew Moriearty, shows poor communication, shows no attention to timeliness when manufacturing a product and has terrible customer service. (Sorry this sounds so harsh. Matthew, like ALL of us, has a personal life. it did interfere momentarily with his business. everyone is human)

DO NOT pay DEUS MACHINA for a product unless you are SURE he is ready to ship it. I would not do business with this person unless you are willing to wait a long time or he gets his act together.

At this point, I am not sure if I will even see the valve cap.
I will edit this post to reflect future developments in this situation.

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I have been busy, but believe Legolas on this--I took far too long, and he had been amazingly patient.

Part of it was running into complications with the project every step of the way, but I let it take far longer than that warranted. I won't post my life's story here.

Parts are shipping now, and I want it public knowledge that I am promising that any issues with them will be taken care of more speedily than they have been. Even if it comes to scraping up enough money to send back.

I'll throw in that school and the day job have taken up my time and I've been pocket change away from not having rent for months now, the most recent communication problem was a disconnection from my cable/ISP company, and this IN NO WAY excuses me from the time it took.

In this case, Legolas' and Rukh013's word should be taken as gospel.
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In mid August, I received the cap. At first, it had a slight tolerance issue, but with a small addition of torque the cap seated properly. I am a mag n00b and I had some difficulty tuning (more like random guessing) the bolt and the ULT.
The capped xmag is now working very well. Deus Machina was extremely helpful during the assembly & tuning process and gave me detail instructions on how to get the mag working.

Many thanks to Deus Machina for a great product.
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