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sold her some vents so easy to deal with
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First of all, I'd like to say that I don't apreciate leaving bad feedbacks to anyone, nor saying it open to the public. I do have a perfect feedback and I'm a grown business man.

I was trying to avoid this but can't see other way to get her attention to this problem.

About 2 and a half months ago she set up a sale thread offering several items at good prices. One of these items was a "Flents" mask, which basically is a Vents lower with a Flex upper for $35. I jumped at it and asked her for a quote on how much would it be to have it shipped here to Brazil. It took maybe 10 days and several unanswered PMs untill I could get a quote for $43.45 for shipping, which was not only more than the mask itself ($35) but also she was charging me the highest available USPS shipping rate. This rate should enable her to have shipped:

Priority MailŪ International Medium Flat Rate Box
USPS Supplied Medium Box:
13 5/8" x 11 7/8" x 3 3/8" or 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".
Maximum weight 20 pounds. 6 - 10 business days $43.45

I tried negotiating but she just didn't answer so, at some time, I just said "OK, I'll pay for it" as I really wanted the mask. Went ahead and sent the payment over Paypal.

To my surprise, she vanished after I sent the payment. I tryed PMing, sending e-mails etc but after 2 weeks, she just replyed saying she was sorry and overloaded with work. I asked her if she did send it or not but, guess what, no answer. Then I sent a public message, on her sale thread, asking if she did or did not send me the merchandise and all she answered was: "Item was shipped". No tracking number, no date, no due delivery estimation, no sorry, no nothing.

OK, I thought. I will appear here in a week, tops so no need to worry now.

Well, as said, it's been over a month and still nooooo mask for Mendel.

Now, I do know she is a Carter's friend, she comes here a lot and posts and do business with people but I'm REALLY feeling like being mugged, to say the least. I tryed shooting some PM's, I tryed being nice, I even tryed opening a claim in Paypal but, as I waited so much to do so, turns out Paypal won't take this case. So basically, I'm over $70 down with no mask, no answer and feeling like being laughed at.

That's it, GG, won't do business again with you in the future, won't recommend you to anyone and will let everyone else know what's going on. IF you read this and feel like I'm wrong here, then prove you are right. Get me a REAL tracking number, show some effort to get the insurance money and send me that money back. IF you do so, then I'll also let everyone else know you did.
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