Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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Jdoggs Feedback

Hi, everyone.

About two weeks ago, me and some other fellas at AO posted some negative feedbacks about a liar called Jdogg. His name is Jacob NegRay, his "company" is called Republic Paintball and his e-mail is

Unfortunatelly, after this thief robbed about eight to ten people, he decided to delete his feedback thread here on AO so, as Im a good citizen and I think its our duty to tell people about DOGs like that, who live and does "business" amongst us.

Here is my story:

I bought him a complete pump kit. He even sent me a pic of what he had at the time. It was a complete kit, ready to ship, according to him. I payed him and, after 3 weeks complaining I opened a claim at Paypal, saying he did not send anything and requesting my money back. A couple of days later, he sent a package by USPS with half the kit. As I live in Brazil, I asked him to ship it to my moms, who lives in Florida. Knowing that, he said everything was OK and that I should close my claim. As Im not stupid, I asked my mom to take some pics of what he sent to see it and it was missing the pump handle and the pump rod. I said it to him, he replyed saying that he had all the missing parts but he was in NY at the time and saying that he would send it to me ASAP. Well, ASAP is seven weeks now...

Even worse is that Paypal closed my claim saying that I opened it wrongly (when I opened it, I said he hasnt sent anything, which was true by then) and, if he sent me half the parts, then there was nothing that they could do for me. I explained the case thoroughly to them but you know how a good burrocrat thinks... I was left without the missing parts and without my money back. I said to them that I only wanted half my money back, for the missing parts but thats about it. Im thinking about opening a claim at the Better Business Bureau against Paypal but thats another problem.

Thats my story...

I hope itll be usefull for anyone considering doing business with this guy. I wish I had something like that to read before sending money to this .

Theres one more thing I would like to tell you.

Some people think he is a nice guy, but very occupied, Im the Executive Director of one of the biggest IT consulting companies in Brazil (we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner) and I have projects all over Latin America among some of the top 100 companies in the country. I know whats being busy. And Im still available to answer my calls, e-mails and PMs. And Im still available to ship what Ive sold and guarantee the other side is satisfied when doing business with me, no matter if its a US$ 100.00 deal or bigger.

I trully hope this gets to a good point (i.e.: GIVE MY MONEY BACK, !!!).

Good luck to everyone of you and take care.

Best regards,


PS: remember: BEWARE THE DOG!!!
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