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I had a deal go south with PNTBLLRDYE. The arrangement was I'd send him a minimag and a spare grip frame and a money order for $130 US for a Tiberius 8, 3 mags, and a lapco barrel. I shipped the above items to PNTBLLRDYE, across the USA/CAN border, and as was prearranged I marked "sporting goods" and "gift" on the customs form to avoid duties and customs delays. A week later, I receive this communication:

Originally Posted by PNTBLLRDYE
Hey, i got it today, or rather a bill for $41.50 wich i am not paying, i clearly said mark it as gift, or you did somthing wrong, anyways, i am not paying it, i am not going through with the deal, my apolagies. Next time canada post comes by i will tell them to mail it back


Roughly translated, it says "wow, you are out shipping to Canada, money order fee's, return shipping back to the USA, plus whatever fee's 2 different postal systems slaps on it, all because I'm too much of a to pay $41.50 CAN for a box with $130 US in it."

I believe the deal could have been saved if some sort of last minute arrangements could have been made. I would have happily sent a seperate money order to cover the $41.50 since the overall dollar value involved was high enough. It is entirely possible that those same fee's would need to be paid on my end as well. Please take into consideration this exchange when dealing with PNTBLLRDYE, as clearly he doesn't react very well to common hiccups the postal systems tend to throw at us.

I still believe that the deal could have been salvaged had he reacted a little differently and tried to communicate the problems at his end.

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I still haven't recieved the box I sent to PNTBLLRDYE. I am beginning to suspect that he kept it. Total losses so far: $310.00
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i know this is a feedback thread, so mods please delete this post if it isn't appopriate, but hearing how you got burned really pisses me off.
with all transactions done over the internet there is a certain risk involved, many times to both the seller and the buyer. i'd like to think that everyone would "play fair" (for lack of a better phrase) but i know this will never happen; however, his response to you was totally uncalled for- to actually accuse you of doing something wrong?!?! maybe i'm missing something, but was he not able to check the forms and see how the items were labled (gifts, sporting goods, etc)?
to be honest, i don't really understand why canadians have to pay these fees; i know there's a reason but no one's ever explained it to me and i've never bothered to find out. in any case, as unfair as it may be, perhaps they need to accept the possibility of being charged these fees- it's not as though the US seller is purposefully imposing these fees on them; why should we (or in this case, you) be held responsible in a situation like this?
ok, feel free to flame... but if you can actually give me a logical explanation as to why the [US] seller needs to be responsible for these fees, or for marking the package gift/sporting goods/etc, i'd like to hear it.

oh, and one more thing.... paypal
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what stimpy said
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Stimps is the man! Not only does he smell his own farts, but he enjoys it at the same time.

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True enough.

Its not the face that im a "" its the fact that whenever i seem to deal with individuals from MCB there always seems to be some type of issue involved. I had clearly stated before this that i had this done not two weeks before we talked about this that i was charged almost $80 for the same reason. I did react in an unprofessional way but look at it from my point of view. im always getting something bad happening with deals from the US, it gets fustrating.
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Originally Posted by spymongoose View Post

I still haven't recieved the box I sent to PNTBLLRDYE. I am beginning to suspect that he kept it. Total losses so far: $310.00

wow wow wow wow.

Do not even THINK to suspect that. I was informed that if i did not go and pick the package up in two weeks it would be sent back to the sender. Dont even try to blaim me for that. for all i know you have the package and are just trying to ruin my feedback because you dident get what you want.
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