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magmasher 03-18-2009 12:11 AM

morph2k4's Feedback
I guess this is better late then never. Couldn't find a feedback thread on this site for him so I made this one.

Purchased a trigger from me in Sept. Not sure if it was this site or on another, sent him the wrong trigger by mistake. He waiting until now to make a claim against me about misrepresentation of a sale. He was a expecting a E1 trigger (Appox value of $50 used at the time) for $22.00 when I know I priced it for a E2. So in no way does he substantiate his claim that I am a thief. If I wanted to keep his money I never would have shipped it.

I told him that because he waiting so long I was not going to refund him his money and he could sell it on his end to save us both the trouble. Apologies for my mistake fell on deaf ears.

All in all ... good buyer, paid fast ... lousy communicator who does not bother to check to make sure his shipments are in good order. If you deal with him, please remind him to go over his order and make sure all is good.


morph2k4 03-18-2009 12:20 AM

Remind me to go over my order? After you shipped me the wrong item? Hillarious.

I would have loved to have let you know, but the item is nearly identical (to me the difference is indiscernible without actually having a frame to test in).

Lets recap:

YOU screwed up
YOU refused to fix it
YOU are the one that needs to learn to check his shipments
YOU are the one who let a legitimate problem fall on deaf ears
YOU told me to cry about it (really? very mature)

Screw you.

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