Feedback Post your good experiences buying guns and gear here. Also let us know who to keep an eye on.

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brizzlepimp Feedback

Post it up kiddies... It's been a pleasure
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Brizzlepimp Feedback

I bought his 07 SL74 Ego from him, marker was in great condition. Package was sent out quickly, and everything was in good condition.

Thanks! A+
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Awesome buyer, would do business with him again anytime!
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Great buyer. He knew what he wanted, made a quick deal and paid quick. I would do business with him again. Thanks.
My MCB Feedback:
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Bought the Black Magic from in in GREAT condition, it will be used tomorrow for the private party thats coming up to be at my field.

HOOAH! THANKS ALOT MAN! Fast shipper, GREAT communication, VERY MATURE <- a trait that is hard to come by these days.
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I bought Brizzlepimp's Shocktech Autococker. I wasn't happy about the deal after all was said and done.

I paid for the gun on 6/19/10 (Paypal echeck cleared and funds were released on 6/23/10). I apologized to Brizzlepimp that he would have to wait while the money cleared and he told me no problem, he would ship when the money went through. On 6/23/10 I got a pm from him telling me "Looks like the funds were released today. I will be in class til after the Post Office closes so I will try and ship tomorrow."

Two days go by and no messages from Brizzlepimp. I pm'd him and asked if the gun would arrive by the weekend and he replied: "Nope... damn airline scheduled my flights too close and I ended up on a different flight than my bag. The bag ended up in PHX and I ended up going through LA. They said I should have it tomorrow. I'll ship tomorrow if it gets in early or Monday if the PO is closed."

Strange, but okay.

Monday comes and goes and no message from Brizzlepimp. I sent him emails and pm's with no response. I wait until wednesday and after several messages go unanswered. I know he's received my messages because I can see he's active on Mcarterbrown. I start to worry.

I make one last attempt to reach him by email and when that goes unanswered, I file a dispute with Paypal and leave negative feedback. This gets an immediate response on email;

"It got shipped Monday and it will be there Thursday. I told you that I would ship monday when I got my bag from US Airways. I haven't been able to get online in a couple days because I don't have a computer at my parents place. I only get on when I'm at my friends houses. We did not specify exact shipping details during the course of the deal and I had to wait until your funds cleared to ship. Anyway, the guy at the shipping center said it would be there Thursday. So you'll have you're gun by tomorrow. Sorry if you thought I was ripping you off but I've got flawless feedback on McB, Custom Cockers, and PBN. Its not worth ruining my good name for 265 bucks. I'd appreciate it if you withdrew your paypal fraud report as I don't appreciate your lack of faith. I'll do what I can to keep good contact but as long as I'm here in CA its gonna be patchy."

I start to think that maybe he's telling the truth, maybe I was too harsh. Then I get the package on Thursday. I check the tracking number on the box and run it through UPS package tracker. The package shipped on Wednesday (6/30/10). Brizzlepimp lied about shipping the gun on Monday and only shipped after I complained through Paypal. Since it got to me on Thursday he must have paid $50 or so to overnight it. All so that he could lie to me about shipping.

So I wasn't happy about that but I thought, oh well, at least I have the gun. I open the box and find that he has loaded the barrel with broken paint, dirt, sand, and Dow 55. I look the gun over and it has significant gouges on the bolt and upper tube that look like somone took vise grips to both. I unscrew the vertical regulator and find the same plier marks on the oring and sealing surface of the reg. The gun is in rough shape but I highly doubt I'll get my money back from Brizzlepimp.

I still haven't shot the gun so it remains to be seen if it even works.

I'm a responsible adult. I think that, if you pay for something, the seller should ship as soon as reasonable. Waiting a week to ship isn't reasonable but I could tolerate that so long as I'm kept in the loop. Not responding to emails and pm's makes people nervous. Then to retaliate by intentionally tampering with the gun is just underhanded and unprofessional.

I'll never do business with Brizzlepimp again.

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