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Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
The barrel is already sold. DJMatt bought it at Supergame this last weekend.

I fully understand, but being a dude who once owned 21 barrels for one gun (over kill) I found that different barrels performed differently depending on location.

In very humid conditions like East Teaxs I always had to go short, 8-12 inches. When playing in Colorado Springs, 14 inches was optimum. East coast cold, short as possible. Cali particularly Azuza area, 16 inches, against this is with regular paintballs.

This is particularly why I wanted to have some rifled shells created, regardless of barrel the insert might assist in initial rotation, who knows. Gimmicky, maybe. Possible, yes!

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to shoot nothing.
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I applaud all those teams who participated in this event, but
shooting fixed targets unless under stress isn't as realistic a
test as scoring hits on targets who are moving and trying to
score hits on you.

To that end I invite anyone who wants to be a part of what
I think will be the toughest test of FS yet staged. The event
I'm referring to is this year's Oklahoma D-Day Event, which
runs from June 10 - 15.

Those not familiar with the field or the event should know
that the site is composed of roughly 1,000 acres of mostly
rough, mostly wooded terrain studded with a number of
multi-building single and two story MOUT like settings.

In order to run this test I've been seeking both skilled FS
snipers as well as vendors of FS capable markers to make
samples of their products available to a hand picked group
of players. Our goal this year might best be called a 'proof
of concept' demonstration. This demonstration calls for
the deployment by the Allied Command side of as many 2
player sniper teams as possible. Prior deployment these
teams will have an opportunity to receive additional skills
training from a retired MIL subject expert, as well as from
a number of skilled FS snipers. The objective of these
teams will be to target a select group of opposition players.

If you'd like to take part in this experiment please get in
touch with me ASAP, as time is short.

BTW, Tiberius Arms has agreed to produce at least one
and possibly two new FSR color fills. These rounds will
only be available at their field and no where else. That
means FSR users will not be able to bring their own rds.
to this event.

Firms who have agreed to support our efforts this year
include; Tiberius Arms, Scarab, RAP-4, DYE and
Andy Van Der Plaats
J-9, Office of the CofS, SHAEF
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From the info I have gathered, Command Decisions will be holding another sniper competition in mid September. I and my partner will be competing, and we will be using a SAR 12 and Milsig Paradigm Pro, respectively. We are looking forward to competing, and hopefully showing that its the shooters that win, and not the markers (Although, markers do help a little bit.) ^_^
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