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First Strike Open Vs Closed Bolt

Quote: Closed bolt is more accurate then open bolt. Due to the (FS) round being inside the barrel when the gun shoots.

I have marker that I'm thinking about converting to a FS platform this summer. But it's open bolt. I recently ran to someone's post above. I know there has been similar discussions to this debate in regards to roundies. But is that a true statement in regards to First Strike Rounds?
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I doubt it. The shot of air doesn't happen in an open bolt gun until the bolt is closed, thus making them the same position when the shot happens.

This was done with an open bolt T9.1:
Punkworks Rifled and Smoothbore Barrel Testing
First strike rifled barrel test - TechPB Forum

The actual numbers:

See the spread in the two columns for the 14/16 rifled barrels? See what spread for the 9" rifled one? See everything else? Huge difference. Pick up a rifled barrel and dial in your sights and go at it with whatever marker you want.
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Until I had rigorous testing data (like that collected by punkworks in the rifled vs non-rifled barrel test), I personally would not believe any such claim, especially if it came from a manufacturer.

It is my belief that it's the direction, speed and RPM of the round when it exit's the barrel that determines the accuracy of the round. How fast, or when the round enters the barrel is irelevant (assuming you're not damaging the round in the process). Again though, these are only my beliefs until testing proves or disproves them.

Now if one could get a closed-bolt marker to be more consistent than an open-bolt marker then it would be a matter of consistency, and not open vs closed. I've not seen any data (of statistical significance) to suggest that a closed bolt marker is inherently more consistent than an open-bolt marker.
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I believe FSR are too new to have any real data regarding the statement. In theory, closed seems to have advantages over open, but I suspect the shape of the FSR to be a stabilizer so it may not make a huge difference. That being said, I prefer closed bolt markers because I feel like the ball or FSR is stabilized (seated in the bore) prior to being shot as opposed to an open bolt where there is still some wiggle room.

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The only thing I'm thinking of is that due to the momentum of the forward stroke of the bolt, each round may not be getting fired from exactly the same position in the barrel, which could result in some sort of inconsistency.

This of course would depend on the forward bolt speed of the open bolt gun and the timing of the valve. The closed bolt gun wouldn't necessarily be immune either (though I'd imagine you can't ram a bolt forward nearly as fast by hand as can be done mechanically/pneumatically).

For our purposes, I highly doubt it would make enough difference to tell.
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