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Custom barrel adapter advice

I am in the process of building my ATS marker into a FSR capable platform. There are no rifled barrels available for this market and odds are there never will be, so I am left having to get barrels rethreaded and/or have an adapter made.

My question is about the feasibility of such an adapter. Due to the specifics of the marker, the adapter would have to be between 5 and 6 inches long, which gives plenty of room for the round to get up to speed before it encounters any rifling (assuming I link it to a hammerhead or similar barrel). Do you think that this would be problematic?

My other option is to have a hammerhead cut down, rethreaded, and to run it without a fin. The result will be a short barrel, but the round would encounter rifling early, before it got up to speed. Prices are not significantly different for either option.
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Having had long conversations with the likes of UV_Halo and some practical knowledge of this situation, I *STRONGLY* suggest cutting and rethreading a Hammer Head rifled tip.

Having a round encounter rifling when it is up to speed will likely cause more of the "fouling" issues that UV_halo encountered.


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i think you're asking for breaks.
whats better to already be squeezed and pushed or to be going fast and then almost instantaneously get squeezed?
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That is about what I expected, I'll stick with rethreading versus an adapter. Thanks everyone.
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