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I agree that shooting people with that would be terrible and unsportsmanlike like, but in the back yard or at the chrono station one time it would be cool as hell.

I think that was the reason for making it not to light people up full auto but just because he could. Its the same reason I made the Pneumatic Assist pump kit. I'll be the first to admit its 100% cheating when playing a strictly pump game but on open days when your just out there to have fun, oh is it fun.
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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
Think of FS rounds as the paintball equivalent to 'Sniper Rounds'. Based on performance, one could consider regular paint as typical assault rifle ammo (i.e. 5.56mm), .50 paintballs as pistol or rimfire ammo, and FS rounds as .308 rounds from a long barreled rifle.

That being said, I'd consider FS rounds as ridiculous for intentional close quarters play or even speedball, as you rarely if ever need the accuracy benefits if you're closer than 75ft, relative to the cost.
Improved accuracy isn't of benefit exclusively to milsim snipers.

I'm quite practical regarding my FSR use. I value the ability to gog an opponent through the crack between a pair of barrels at 75 feet on the first try. Others might prefer to dump a dozen or more balls downrange to secure the elimination. That I can make the shot with a pistol won't surprise anyone who's spent some quality time with their pistol at the range.

I don't waste FSR on near targets in fact the field rule precluded such. Pistol≠close when your playing pistol main, especially at an urban field.

I can see why a DAM user might want this high cap magazine, unless of course he were playing sniper. That drum seems to extend too far for a bipod.

Full auto is a separate problem as Hooligan can testify. His full auto FSR experience took place without this nifty homebrew magazine.
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