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Keebler 05-28-2014 12:52 AM

Quick POI dope for Tiberius adjustable riser
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I set out to create a POI chart for the Tiberius adjustable riser. This was intended for people like me who dont have a yard or anything to test in. If my math and methods are correct ive set up a chart where if you set all of your data up correctly you will know (theoretically) where your round will impact at each whole click of adjustment on the Tiberius adjustable riser. I couldn't get it to show half degrees so whole degrees are what we have. Im sure by using the pattern you could come up with the half way click values. I need another set of eyes this so you guys can tell me if these number look correct since im new to chairgun. To make this work you have to set your starting zero at level arch. So i set mine at 20 yards. I also set the sight at 2 inches above bore not sure if thats correct.

Attachment 44780

Hope that you can read that. It wouldnt let me upload word docs.
Im not sure which column of max range im supposed to go off of but i think its that first column of max range. Let me know what you guys think

DJmatt123 05-28-2014 02:25 AM

That looks about right. Not sure if the tiberius adjustable riser is one degree of angle per click. The range (x) yards column would be your distance to poi, height column is the height of any overhang you're shooting thru (i.e. making sure that if you are shooting at 83.6 yards or 5 degrees that there are no branches under 7 foot above where you are aiming) and the @ range (yards) is the distance to the max height of the arch. And you might as well toss out anything past 8 degrees, if the wind doesn't blow it off target, it will be to slow to break on anything.

Keebler 05-28-2014 02:30 AM

its not its a half degree. but chairgun doesnt allow half degrees. so this is every two clicks. im sure like i said that with some sort of pattern recognition you could find the half values. yes i completely agree that in my opinion past 8 degree at that zero is pretty much worthless. heres whats confusing me. from what ive seen on other charts from uv halo and others that 90 or so yards takes approx 4 seconds of flight time. theres a time column here and it doesnt depict that. i feel certain im reading it wrong or that estimation is wrong. and that individuals like halo are correct. in my case the extreme long range shooting doesnt fit my play style. so id say im only interested in out to maybe 80 yards maybe a little less. i think this is pretty cool though. that is of course if this information is accurate. keep the comments coming guys . if im using chairgun incorrectly or anything let me know. i feel this could be a valuable contribution if we can make sure all the data is confirmed.

DJmatt123 05-28-2014 02:46 AM

Just looked up UV's chart and it's about 4 seconds at 178 yards and looks like it's pretty close to what your chart shows. I believe he was shooting at 300 fps.

Keebler 05-28-2014 02:54 AM

thank you didnt have that in front of me. ok so its looking pretty good. as you can see click value degrades over time as you shed velocity. its interesting to see the riser in data form. kinda shows you whats useless and what becomes useless. also it it clues you in that the mildots in a scope are somewhat pointless to a degree. so if 1 mil is 1/60 of a degree and you see how little a full degree actually means for us, than 1/60 means considerably little. not saying completely useless im sure when shooting up or down an incline you use it to an extent. plus mildots are usefull for range estimation which is what i use them for. im currently looking for some pattern recognition software id like to be able to figure out not only what the half sizes equate to in poi but also what your mils would equal.

i completely forgot to input all the data i plugged in to come up with this. so i think i stated some of this already but here goes
velocity:280 fps
zero: 20 yards
weight 48 grains (its actually 3.11 grams average but converted to grains is 47.994 which chairgun rounds up to the nearest whole so 48)
BC: 0.0162 of course
i listed it for showing out to a maximum of 100 yards
scope height: 2 inches above bore (i need to measure this for exact numbers but i dont think it will alter this data plot, i estimated based on the tiberious riser being approx 1 inch and the scope rings being 1 inch.)

that should be everything you need to plug in then just go to toolbox and click maximum range, make sure you set it to show units of 1 degree, it will be set at 5 default

Rover Lead 05-28-2014 04:47 PM

Keebler kicks ***!

Keebler 05-28-2014 04:58 PM

i hope so! But don't count your chickens until all of this is confirmed. I could still be wrong

desertT1 05-28-2014 05:01 PM

That's awesome! This will make for a great reference for when I start dialing my H7 in. Thanks.

Keebler 05-28-2014 05:02 PM

Thats what im using it on as well.
I dont feel that they are terribly necessary but if any one could help with the 1/2 click values thatd be great. Or point me in the direction of pattern recognition software.

Rover Lead 05-29-2014 03:04 AM

Keebler man this is really good thinking! I wonder if the Lapco/Tiberius barrel would alter much

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