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Originally Posted by Bob T Guy View Post
You're an inspiration to us all!
I try to do my part.

I HATE running - but the actual races are pretty fun. Choose an event, pay the registration then you'll have motivation to actually put in some road time getting ready. There are 5 and 10k races pretty much every weekend in most metro areas and the winter ones are actually a blast.
-Bryce Larson
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Originally Posted by Bob T Guy View Post

think of it this way: i've never bought coffee from you, so the only ones losing business from me cutting down would be your competition only
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Plugged In Fitness <_<

That is one of my biggest problems. I need to unplug and get moving. Doesn't help working on a computer all day.
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Doesn't care (/◕ヮ◕)/
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Originally Posted by Fluff View Post
I was going to start back to the gym Monday, but 65 work hours later I think I will try again Monday.
Ya thats usually my excuse every time, yet when im only working 8 hours, those 8 hours suck, working in 120-125 degree heat for those 8 hours doesnt leave you with much energy left to go run on a treadmil or lift weights.

Well on a plus note, i was able to put 155 hours down on my time card for the last 2 weeks, thats 75 hours overtime with a few hours of double time and a half sprinkled in, cant complain too much about being 2 weeks late starting up at the gym
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Brass and Wood Fan
I'm getting in serious shape for the dash to the 50 for airball. training with a boxing trainer for cardio and then doing some light free weights at home. dropped my 100 time from a shade over 12 seconds to a 10.95 and just training with boxing for fun I've been developing some serious punching power for a small guy. I guess basically the cardio is for paintball everything else just keeps me feeling great about myself knowing I'm finally getting toned and fit even though I'm not a huge muscular guy that'll have huge arms.

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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I drive the boat.
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I've picked up an extensive snow shoveling routine that I follow up with a roof de-icing program. It really burns up the calories.
Paintball is fun!
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I've probably gained about 10lbs over the past few months.. nothing major but starting to notice it in how my clothes fit.

I used to run about 3x week but with all this damn snow, it's way to dangerous to run outside and I hate the treadmill.
Used to lift weights at least 4x a week too but fell off that wagon a long time ago

My plan for this year is to just get back into a routine. I seem to try to cram exercise in whenever it is convenient and not something that is regularly scheduled.
Ideally, I want to get leaner, gain more muscle, and run faster... but who doesn't Have to focus more on the short-term goals 1st

Maybe I'll start a progress thread to help motivate myself
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I've been doing well with a calorie in vs calorie out approach. Over a few months I've dropped from 236 to 222. I'm trying to increase the frequency that I go to the gym so I can help the process along
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I don't fit into any of my gear anymore, it's all too big. I've changed nothing intentionally.
Proud XO of Ghost Recon
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That could be good or bad.
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