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I love the days everyone else hates

Work, life, getting the garden in this afternoon and some other things made it so that my afternoon run was not going to happen. No big deal I called up the guy I was running with and we agreed to meet at the trails in town to run this morning, about 6:30.

When I got up it was dark and raining, and about 50 degrees. It was no real surprise that he called me on the way to ask me if I "seriously run in the rain". I have decided that this year training and preperation will be a "no excuses" year. A couple years ago I mildy broke (more a crack) my ankle about four weeks before a big team relay race called dances with dirt. It was not severe enough to need to cast. It was the first year this team and I were going to run it, and we were not running it competetively, just for fun. I took a couple days off, followed the "I wouldn't do it, but if I did it this is how I would do it" advice of my doctor, wrapped it tight and prepped and ran the race anways.

I know long term it did me know favors, and have since then not run if I did not feel like it. I let excuses get in the way. Well, last years times were not improvements over the year before. Although I am getting older I am not a protypical runner - I did not start until after HS. As such my times should still be improving as better training and fitness overcome the declines of age. I went from placing in the top three consistantly in my age group (local races, not major competition) to being on one edge or the other of the top ten.

So today I am sitting in my truck, with the heater on, its 50 degrees and raining. Not heavy but not light either, the sky is still grey and my run is along the lake, not any major wind. I decide in my truck no excuses allows me to run a short run in place of the long run scheduled today and I finally get myself to do it. My Fastwich shoes have holes in the bottom to let water drain out during triathalons. Not surprisingly these also let water come in when you hit a puddle. This nearly ended my run on the quarter mile mark but I had dry socks in the truck so I pushed on.

I had left the run "not feeling it" and ran about thirty seconds off pace for the first mile, at the turn around point of the there and back trail I was smiling. Without a partner to talk to I was able to concentrate on breathing, listen to music, and just have a rather leisurely run. I pushed past the turn around point and decided to add a couple miles. When I did turn around I was still over pace and decided to push it on the way back.

In the end I had my best run of the still short season, just barely over normal pace for my short runs. I learned a lesson... this was not my best run ever and some of my runs two years ago would have laughed at this. But I am getting back towards where I should be and fully intend to use the end of this year to set personal bests and compete in a few races that last year I did not. In fact, I once told myself I was going to walk away with the trophy for the "Bigfoot Snowshoe Race" this might be the year that it becomes a goal rather than a dream.
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Good job man. No excuses is the only way to go in my opinion, it's how you get **** done.

Plus running in the rain or the snow is a lot of fun.
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I feel ya brother.

That was a -10F day. I wish I always that motivated. Wanted to run yesterday, but then I didn't. Had a chocolate chip cookie and a nap instead. Only gotten two runs in this week with exams and everything.

Yeah, I'm not much of a runner. I gotta get on it more.
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