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it's the genes. if you wanna speed yours up within your genetics, build some muscles. it worked for me, as soon as i stopped working out it all went downhill lol.
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I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I have pretty fair muscles for a 16 year old. My legs are almost rock hard and my arms are getting there. I've just got a lot of belly fat.
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then it's time to get tougher cardios maybe? i had to run 3 miles a day to get where i was. runners say i was overdoing it but hey, i didn't lose weight until i started doing it...
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Are you sure you're eating enough calories? I played hockey for 12 years, I was always in shape but had excess fat -- playing for two teams, skating 6 nights a week, looking back I was not eating ENOUGH which is probably why my body was storing a decent amount of body fat.

But, like I've said, a male is going to mostly store fat on their stomach and you can't spot reduce body fat, it's a whole. And like heinous said, the amount of lean mass you have is going to really effect your metabolism. The more lean mass you have and the less body fat you have, the faster it'll be -- which partly explains why your fit friends can eat so much and retain their current weight. I've read that running 12 miles a week is ideal for losing body fat. But if your goal is to build muscle, you should probably run and cut body fat first before hitting the weights too extensively. If you lift a lot and run, it's possible you could burn too many calores, and while you'd be losing weight, your body won't be able to build muscle as effectively.

It sounds like your cardio is good with hiking and paintball, and while they're good workouts, I don't believe the average day of paintball really burns that many calories. Hiking would over time, but any trail mix (high calorie, but still healthy if made right) could counter that. In short, there really is no substitute for cardio such as a brisk walk combined with running, heavy cycling or swimming. Swimming or cycling are probably the two best -- you can't go wrong with running, but if you hit the bike enough, you'll get ripped.

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I don't under eat, but I don't over eat either. I called my friend who is a weight loss coach and she's going to give me a few pointers
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Hi, this is my first post here on mcb, but having grown up as a chubby kid(no longer) I feel for ya so I had to throw in something that may or may not help.

You may want to look into interval training. Do a Google search for Tabata. Its the methodology of high intensity low duration interval training.

There are some issues with it however. First, its very easy to cheat it, and not be intense enough to gain the benefits. Second, its also possible to be too intense and injure yourself. So you have to find the correct medium, slowly working your way up to the proper level.

Personally I follow a workout routine called crossfit. It is another high intensity workout program that you can follow online via Welcome to CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness. It uses the technique high intensity, constantly varied workouts.
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There is a gym like 5 minutes from my house and it's pretty inexpensive. I'm just going to start a morning routine of hitting the gym. Starting this fall I have classes at the local community college starting at 7 on some days, and work doesn't start till 8 on the other days so I have enough time to hit the gym before my days activities.
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hitting the gym is probably the best idea, less then three weeks ago I weighed 222-223lbs, and I've been at that weight basically since I graduated in 2007. I started going to the gym every other day (when my schedule permitted), and have been taking a Muay Thai class once a week.

Some basic improvements I have seen:
Starting: (im 5' 11", medium build, broad shoulders)
Weight - 223lbs
Bench - 135lb 3 reps of 5 (couldnt complete last rep)

Weight - 216lbs
Bench - 135lb still, but 3 complete reps of 8 (about to move up in weight)

I havent really done anything but started working out, and beyond those noticeable measurements, I am far more flexible, and just feel far better overall (oh and I have gone down at least one notch on the belt).

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I can fit it in if I wake up early enough....sounds like a plan.
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