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I just said that because I thought you were pitching me one of those "fixed menu" diets. you know, "eat this diet exactally for 3 weeks and you'll loose 100lbs" kind of thing. I guess my point was really, while they may work, the real trick is to correct you eating habit for life.
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Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
Eat more chicken, turkey, fish (lean meats) and more fruits & veggies. Or just hit the gym 3 times per week for an hour each. These two changes will make a huge difference. Also, drink lots of water.
Just wanted to add this,

I think the gym is pretty useless for most people if they don't watch what they eat.

Point being, working out makes you hungry, so people who aren't aware of what there eating have a tendency to eat more after working out, negating the extra energy expenditure.

Planet fitness for example, many members will do cardio for 30 minutes and then grab a handful of tootsie rolls on the way out. Then they wonder why they never loose any weight.

Diet is much more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss.
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I agree 100%, eating right is a lifestyle change. Not trying to pitch a 3 week diet. When you eat, your metobolism kicks up to digest the food and your body burns more calories...this is the reason for the 10:30am & 3pm almond snack. Also almonds are a super food and a high source of protein. The more protein you eat, the less hungry you feel naturally. Same with the cottage cheese snack. Apples are another super food that I like. I honestly like almonds (walnuts are another option), cottage cheese & apples.

Actually when you eat the almonds, you chew them very finely and down a water bottle. Drink lots of water.

Eggs for breakfast, eggs are another high protein source. It is proven that eating eggs for breakfast and you will be less hungry through the day.

Fruits and veggies are key to being healthy. As are lean meats. I try to pick up a smoked chicken, we have a bin of lettuce in the fridge...making a salad is an easy lunch. My wife was a doubter till she tried it. I feel full from lunch.

Green tea 3x's per day is suppose to help you burn more calories if you also work out, supposedly 17% more. This may not be true, but I drink it w/o sugar. Pretty much water and tea is what I drink. Soda (and diet soda is worse) is horrible for you, if you drink soda, at least get the stuff with real sugar, the stuff they sell in Mexico. High fructose corn syrup is not good for you at all. Pepsi Throwback or PL soda.

Potatoes (sweet potatoes are better), sugar, pasta & bread are carbs and easily transfer to fat. Veggies and lean meat will not. Someone posted about eating bananas before they are ripe (yellow w/ spots), when bananas are ripe the starches that are normally not digested turn to sugar.

Working out, if you hit the weights (which you should), max out. Your muscles will burn calories for approx 48 hrs. On the elliptical & treadmill, do interval training. Bringing your heart rate up and down will burn calories for approx 48 hours. The more muscle you build the more calories you will burn.

You need to burn 3500 calories to remove one pound of fat.

IMHO, diet & exercise are key to lose weight. Plan your meals, count your calories, try to stay at 500 calories per meal. Have a cheat day, just don't go crazy.

Do not eat after 7pm.

I am just trying to share what has been working for me, I have taken the advice of several friends that work out and many other sources. There are many ways to lose weight. You want to increase your metabolism to naturally burn more calories. Most of the stuff above is common sense.

In 13 weeks I have dropped 30 lbs. I still want to lose another 15 lbs.

Wishing everyone good luck on their weight loss!
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I only snack on days that end in "y"
Ahhhh, sounds like we have the same nutritionist. I think he overcharges tbh...
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