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How my KL was born

The story of how I came to be the owner of KL029 is an interesting one. Coming from an electro background into snipers, and then nelsons, I never really wanted a Sheridan until as recently as the fall of 2008. My first Sheridan was a bone stock KP2, which I 'learned the ropes' on. Cleaning, maintenance, performance tuning, these were all things which were foreign, but a welcome change to the monotony of electro maintenance.

A love of brass developed from these early days delving into Sheridan inner workings. Following the same arc that I took with Nelsons, I did a lot of research both on what members on this forum could make with their hands and solder, and inside myself, to see what really called out to me.

The KL called to me!

There was something in my soul that yearned to reach out and have one of these masterpieces for my own. Like many on these forums, I heard that Bret was no longer making KLs partly out of concern that buyers would turn these around for profit. Indeed, we do see the rare KL that sells in the Member Section anywhere from 875-1100$. With a heavy heart, I realized the only way I could get a KL was to make my own. I noticed both Heebs and Teimusan desired to replicate Bretg's design. Teimusan came close...

I organized my thoughts, and figured, something that these KLs all appear to have in common is that they are based off existing KP bodies, or various sheridan bodies. What better person to ask for a donor set of tubes, than Dan Bacci? After several PMs, I eventually ended up with this set of tubing sans K-frame:

There was a dropout slot done in an unusual manner, someone had removed a section of the lower tube and replaced it with the drop out section, very well done. The side tube was not attached, and there were no internals present.

After many hours of studying the KL picture thread, I thought I had figured out what and where to source the parts to make my own KL conversion. I also happened to be looking for a new bolt, and Jake happened to be selling some at the same time (you see it pictured in the 2nd pic).

I hesitated before pulling the trigger on sourcing my own parts; I have always had a great desire to create/modify, but lacked the necessary dedication to finish all my projects. I decided to shoot Bret a PM, asking if he would be willing to do a KL build as well as a KBA.

To my surprise, I got a PM back, and after much back and forth hammering out details, I decided to go forward with the KL, figuring I could always commission a KBA later on. I sent Bret my KP tubing, mainspring, Jake Bolt, trigger group, PPS muzzle brake, guide pin, along with a very reasonably priced MO. The work time was quoted 3 weeks from when Bret started work on the conversion/restoration, and factoring shipping, the total time my KP tubing was away from me was only about 4 1/2 weeks!

This is what I received:

All in all, there are 6 pieces of tubing composing this KL, 7 if you include the thadapter. The dropout slot was perfectly situated relative to the forestock, enough clearance to let a 12 gram in and out. Bret cleaned and reworked the valve to get around 27 shots, added a blade front and flip rear sight which are deadly in conjunction with the KL, applied an 'antique' finish, added a thadapter as well as sling mounts. There is also a PPS muzzle brake, PLUS a 2 round extension. This allows for a full tube + 1 10 round reload before changing 12 grams.

I LOVE the sights. They are DEAD on, and have assisted me in many eliminations. I have put extensive playtime into this gun, and can safely say that it will withstand abuse. It has become an extension of myself, something that does not happen too often in my humble experience.

I have finally discovered my samurai sword . Thank you Bret and Jake!

***As a side note, I understand now how Weltman was able to twirl, cock and reload his lever gun without use of a springfeed. The curved feed of the thadapter along with the orientation of the gun during a twirl would allow gravity to drop a ball down/into the breech with little effort at all.

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That is simply beautiful!
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When I was talking with Bret about doing KL31 for me, I kept looking at yours and through it was really beautiful. Now that I see where it came from, it's even more amazing. Pretty little shooter you have there!

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Originally Posted by ironchef97 View Post
I sent Bret my KP tubing, mainspring, Jake Bolt, trigger group, PPS muzzle brake, guide pin, along with a very reasonably priced MO. The work time was quoted 3 weeks from when Bret started work on the conversion/restoration, and factoring shipping, the total time my KP tubing was away from me was only about 4 1/2 weeks!
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
What he said.
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very nice work!

yep, Bret and Jake get things done! no excuses... just results!!!
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Ok choochie, the duck is not troubled, it's dated. The technology is old, it's like 8mm stop motion film reels, nothing will ever replace them, they are nostalgic one of a kind but for today's youth the expectations are CGI.
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