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So I got a KL....

So I got KL 12 "Barnabus" today. I need a couple things for it and I am not sure where to get them from. HELP!

Feed plug o-rings, the one that was in there was swollen and useless, the plug will fall out in its current state.

How should I refinish the stock? Definitely needs a bit of TLC in that department.

Blasphemy to cut down the full stock to a pirate?

Anyone have some history on this guy? It looks like its been to PPS at some point (nickel plate, spring feed).
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Um, yes... but not blasphemy, it is just that Pirate stocks suck asss.

Probably slightly worse with a KL because once you wreck the stock and realize the truth in my words above this, you will have to find BretG to make you a new one or do it yourself


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I still don't get that.
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He sent it to Palmers for a performance tune, spring feed, nickle plating, and the engraving. It then came to me. I delivered it to him at Pump Pandemonium IV? He came out to the game from California.

It has a really nice walnut stock. I had found a couple of them but can't get that type anymore.

Very sweet KL-

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Another question the push safety doesn't seem to work is it just seated in the stock incorrectly?

Bret what do I need to replace the cocking lug on the bolt, it looks a bit chewed up.
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looking forward to having chance to buy this from you in 3 weeks.
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Heebs, unless the cocking lug is dragging on the sides, it's not a big problem.

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I love how DMW douches want so badly to justify their douchocity! I remain steadfast in my position of counterdouche douchebaggery.
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It's cool, no one can resist playing with an eightball. They're pretty much the best toy/decision making device/CEO of General Motors, ever.
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When Bret did my KL he removed the rocker safety. I believe he said that if it was engaged and you tried to lever it, it would strip it out...or something...

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If you want a pirate stock, buy another KP beater stock, and dremel/sand it down to fit the assembly, or you could ask Bret to make you one?. I did that for mine...take care of your KL. While the individual parts could be sourced with a little detective work, you have a masterpiece built by the master himself, and cutting up that stock would be a minor crime in my eyes.

As mar said, I am also looking forward to purchasing this from you in a few weeks!
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Man....that is absolutely gorgeous....
For Sale/Trade
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