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Side Tubing a PGP?

I was wondering about having my PGP2 side tubed. I'm just trying to get a rough quote.
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I've done a couple and I'm convinced they knew what they were doing when they changed from the PG side tube to the PGP top tube.
PM me if you really have your heart set on having this done.
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It sure makes it nice to be able to aim down the top of the barrel, but it does make it trickier to load.
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what are the pros and cons of a spring fed side tube verses a normal side tube and top tube verses spring fed top tube?
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Me personally, I can't shoot for sh*t unless I can aim down the barrel, which is why I don't like PGPs anymore. Also aesthetically, I think 3 tubes stacked on top of each other looks weird...I'm a huge fan of clean looking guns, which is why you won't see me owning or playing with a hurricane unfortunately, too much stuff sticking out the bottom of the stock's underside.

Onto your question...

Springfed side tube: You don't have to rotate the gun to the left and tilt the gun back to load, but it takes longer to reload with 10 rounds and you might drop the side tube cap unless it's attached to a string or you have a thadapter. Also, some people have issues with the Springfed side tube not loading the last ball, but if you're resourceful, you'll see why it is actually a benefit...aka what Drum does when he plays with springfed guns.

Springfed Top tube: All the balls will load but you won't be sighting directly down the barrel. On a regular top tube (non springfed), you just have to rock the gun back to load, no additional twisting left (or right).
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It's been done and this is what it would look like.

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