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My winter beater UrS6 in its natural habitat.

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My S14.5
We've been good friends now for almost 10 years.

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Was an expensive few months for me in the vehicle department.

Due to the injuries to my legs incurred in an accident in 2012 (mostly severed left leg among many other injuries). I grudgingly had to admit i have to rethink my vehicle choices for the long term.

So starting in May last year I started by picking up a cheap second hand 2008 Suzuki DR650se to get be back on two wheels. I have been fixing it and setting it up for my intended use (light dirt use and summer commuter). It's a great little bike and being as its only 350lbs or so and the leg position is very neutral I can actually ride the thing somewhat comfortably. This is also my project bike as my old project was the bike destroyed by the lady who hit me.

Then this fall I finally had to realize that with my legs now some what limited motion my sport touring Honda CBF600 was no longer going to work for me as my touring and weekend toy. Simply put after 30mins on the bike I had to stop as my leg was in agony. So I started looking at some cruisers to build my ideal touring bike that I could still have some fun with at the drag strip now and then. I looked at all brands and was close to pulling the trigger on a nice Harley Street Bob. But one ride on the competing Victory Vegas 8-Ball and I was SOLD. Picked up a 2014 for a very nice end of season deal. The bike seems to be smartly engineered and the engine pulls wonderfully. But the best part for me was ergos fit absolutely perfect with absolutely no pain after an hr (big feat for me lately).

And lastly I had too swallow a little pride and traded in my truck (a truck I bought 5 weeks prior to my accident). I had a 2012 Toyota Tacoma with the 5 speed stick. I loved that truck and I love driving stick. But being as my LEFT leg was the one most mangled driving it some days was an exercise in torture. So I had to really consider how things were looking going forward and decided to trade it in on a nearly identical 2015 model truck but with the V6 and a Auto trans. And I gotta say it's nice to go out and do things without having to worry if I will be able to drive home or not. And well the added power and amenities this truck has are kinda nice too. I still drive work vehicals that are stick so I get to enjoy it ther pe but for my own daily driver it's simply smarter for me to have an auto going forward.

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I'll have better pictures of it soon, but I love my new (to me) STI, it's soooooo much fun to drive. It will be daily driven too.

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Nice! Hope my friend doesn't mind me posting his:

I've ridden in it a fair share of times - always a blast. You won't regret it.
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Just a 2006 Mazda 5 with 108k on it (65000miles) and 18" Mazda 6 wheels with 225/40/18 tires
Andrew Burghgraef
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