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My 89 tbird was somewhat of a sleeper. Atleast before i added a ramair hood, louder exhaust and repaiinted it. Before that was done i surprised many other cars. After no one seemed to want to mess with it much.

It wasnt the fastest thing around but would give fox mustangs a run. Hondas were easy targets.
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A co worker has a 96 or 97 GMC truck with a 454 that hauled and looked stock. Beautiful truck but money was against him so he sold the truck.
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The 1978 F250 crew cab truck my boss had in the late 1990's was AWESOME! He was into drag racing and when the motor blew on it he "dug up" and old motor he had "laying around"...

Needless to say, traction was wanting, but when you loaded about 1000 pounds of scrap steel in the bed, it was really good at taking on Mustang 5.0 and various other "hot rods" of the time.

The other cool one was a Mustang LX that had need modified by the Florida State Police to be used as an interceptor... I was sold to a friend, working at the same company as the truck owner. The afternoon burn out sessions and parking lot racing was interesting to say the least... The Mustang was a serious beater when it got to us... But that car was *FAST* and quick. (Normally I am *NOT* a Mustang guy, but this one was impressive.)


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I have a beat up looking del Sol with the side skirts falling off. May still be a civic but its supercharged gsr has no issue putting ppl down
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Originally Posted by Gustav12 View Post
I've personally seen this car.
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Had a few sleepers in my time.

My first car LOOKED LIKE HELL but was a slightly modded 1988 Dodge Shadow ES. It was normally just a ugly slo little K car. But some of these like mine got the 2.2L Turbo engines. In stock trim they were good for 150hp and about 170lbs/Tq witch in 1988 terms was prett good. But mine I ran with a LOCKED waste gate pushing 15psi of boost (blew head gasket and cracked heads but was worth it while it lasted), free flowing exhaust and a cold air intake. Car because of the turbo sounded mellow the paint was three different shades. But line it up beside any of the Fox bodies or Firebird/Cameros of the day and it left em all sitting. That engine Shelby reliably got 300hp out of in the Shelby Dayton and the Older GLH Omnis. I guess mine to have been bumping 200hp or so witch is not crazy today but impressive for an 80s car that was pretty light.

Then had a 1994 Ford F250 2wd Diesel pickup. It was the OLD FULLY Mehcanical normally NON turbo 7.3 diesel Predating the Powerstrokes. It had the RARE two year only Factory Turbo upgrade. In factory trim it was only good for 195hp and 390lbs of tq. But again mine i ran a custom intake (hidden ram air behind the grill), much bigger OPEN exhaust (Latter put a MAGNAFLOW on it though it was never too loud it was more shouty than I preferred). And lastly boost levels were raised to 12psi and the injection pump was adjusted to pump in ALOT more fuel. It was a BEAST after those tweaks and literally tore itself up. It puked Two rads and SHATTERED the Poor Automatics Trans. After getting a beefed up rebuilt trans and swapping in a LOWER stall Tq converter from a BUS the truck would launch so hard it nearly cock one front tire off the ground twisting up. It would leave rly ANY hot hatches or 80s 90s stock muscle off the line (ran outa steam past 160km/hr). My buddy at time had a 2003 Dodge Ram cummins Chipped, exhaust and intake and my old ford would LEAVE that dodge and hold a truck length lead up to about 130km/he were the dodge could start pulling up beside. I again guesstimate that truck to have been pushin maybe 250hp and 600lbs/tq. I regret never taking it to the strip but judging how my buddies dodge had done I guessing that old ford could have pulled 16s witch for a 7000lbs beast is pretty crazy.

And lastly was my 2008 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Silverado. I bought the bike new as a way to slow myself down from my previous more sporty bike. It was a big heavy slow touring cruiser bike. It was comfy and was really all I needed power wise 52hp 70lbs/tq. But I got the modding bug and built it up to be even more comfy and touring friendly. And the started pushing it further and further power wise. First up came a 2-1 exhaust. Then a under tank intake, eliminated the soft RPM governer and removed the factory emissions controls. I jetted the carbs on the bike to best guesses i could fund but still it was gutless and ran poorly. So I bit the bullet and took it to a Local Drag Bike shop and put it on the Dyno to tune it. I found the bike was running too lean still. So I purchased and put in the largest jets Dyno Jet sold for that particular bike and ran it on the Dyno again. STILL too lean. I either had to restrict my intake OR find bigger jets. SO on reccomend of the Dyno shop custom jets were ordered from mikuni In Japan. Those were installed and re dynoed. the bike ran PERFECT. But the numbers just didn't seem right. We ran it 6 times because we didn't believe it. 77hp and a whopping 124lbs/tq. That bike would brake traction in 1st 2nd and 3rd all day long. It's the only bike I have ever owned that shocked me each and every time I cracked the throttle. It was just soooooo wrong for that type of bike to pull the way it did and yet be soo comfy. It eventually was in DIRE need up a upgraded clutch as the factory unit began slipping on hard throttle applications. And keeping rear tires for more than 6000kms was an issue. And well It went from getting 50mpg down to 25-30mpg but GOD that bike was fun and soooooo unassuming looking. I really miss that bike but being in my 20s on a 1.1L motorcycle in Ontario Canada my insurance just got to be Stupid and I traded it in on my current bike (current bike is faster top speed but no were NEAR as savage off the line, nore is it as comfy).
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1996 Buick Roadmaster Wagon. Nobody expects a wagon to go fast AND handle corners.
It had an Lt1 with CAI, Larger TB, Cat back 2 1/2 exhaust, computer tune and a few handling goodies. With a 2.93 posi rear it didnt get up off the line fantastic, but roll-on's were awesome and many an Import, Mustang, Camaro or Corvette couldnt believe a wagon was hanging or passing them in corners. Of course it wasnt all car, I knew how to get the most out of it and what it would do. Ran a 15.2 at 90mph at the strip. Not bad for a 4500# Luxury car.

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My old Jeep XJ would hit 60 in a little under 7 seconds. It had 4.12's in the rear end and did pretty well getting out of the hole. You were pulling around 3800 rpm at 85 in top gear, and that's why it got terrible MPG's, but it was peppy and fun around town. For a 6 cyl it did well.

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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
I really want to build a V8 2nd gen RX7. They're a great sleeper, especially for the rotary haters.
Even better sleeper for trolling the rotary fan boys

My take on it is, if you still like rotary-engined cars it's because you've never had to share a track with any quantity of them, because they break and oil/water down the track at least twice as often as piston-engined cars.
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I just hate the nauseating noise that uncorked rotaries make . . . too many times stuck in the pits at Atco or Englishtown or MIR with some ridiculous turbo rotary starlet parked next to me with someone cranking it to 20bazillion rpm constantly

though watching say spec7 races on a road course - well that is pure needs a yakkety sax soundtrack playing fun.
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by stimpy
don is on the path to everlasting coolness
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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