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its up to you. there are pros and cons to both going diesel, going to a bigger gas engine and an engine swap in general. its a bigger project than you really plan out(did a V6 auto to V8 stick in my 97 F150, did a chevy V8 into a CJ7, and multiple engine swaps-just V8 to V8). and though you could do a swap in a garage with minimal tools, its the wallet where you need the biggest help.

also, if the body style/generation of your 4Runner did have a V8, but not your year, its no big deal. you might need some specific parts and some fab skills, but that's not impossible.
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Originally Posted by Marauder_Pilot View Post
Agreed, it's not so much a difficulty thing, as a cost and value effort.

Like I said-if Seymour wanted to turn his 4Runner into a badass oilburning overlander truck, then, hell yeah go for it. But if he's just trying to keep his DD going, just on diesel instead of gas to save some money, then it's not worth the effort.
The question of worth it or not is not up to us.

Now if it was me and I had my mind made up to do an engine conversion, I would do a 5.3 Chevy Truck motor. they easily fit in small engine bays (look up the guy who put one in a Toyota FRS already) are cheap and plentiful. Once installed and hooked up, you could easily get 20-22mpg if driven lightly and have easily 100% more torque and horsepower. If you go even farther and get an all aluminum LS motor, you gain very little weight. I researched a LS conversion for my 89 BMW 325i and if a 6 speed is used, an all aluminum LS motor is only 80 pounds heavier than the stock 6cyl and 5 speed. If your resourceful and can do much of the wrenching yourself, you could do this conversion for $1000 or so. Before you doubt me I know a buddy who swapped a 5.3 truck motor into a mid 70's Vette for less than $1000. The hardest part of the conversions? Hooking up the speedo and gauges inside.
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4.3 V6 and 350 V8 conversion: Toyota Engine Adapters - Ford, GM, Chevy V6, V-8 Conversion Kits
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