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Mid-Life crisis car

Hi everyone

So I am settling down soon and would like to get a midlife crisis car before I actually hit midlife crisis.

Right now I am not looking for something new, but the BRZ could be a potential candidate.

Out of the following which one would you get?

Toyota MR2 (first gen).

Toyota MR2 (second gen).

Honda S2000

Subaru BRZ
We all know what this one look like.

Old Acura NSX (new one is suppose to be out soon). - Price for this one is the same as a BRZ though.

Corvette (Older generation? Even though the last time I asked this question, a lot of members said anything older than a C5 would be very problematic).

Audi TT (older generation).


Did I miss anything else?
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1st gen over 2nd gen MR2 in a heartbeat.

Personally I don't like the older TT, kinda ugly and just blah (You've got the newer gen pictured btw)

My friend just bought a BRZ and it's a ton of fun, but it really is slow, like disappointingly haha. Wayyy too much fun in the bendies though.

I've always thought the NSX is gorgeous and they're not really a common sight, at least around here. That'd be my pick just for cool factor.
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A recent Car&Driver issue had a writeup about the old NSX's. Apparently there's a lot that can go wrong with them, and they're rather costly to fix. Plus they wear out their expensive tires pretty quickly. Personally I'd look at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Not too expensive and they have a great warranty.
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The NSX is garbage. My father had one for a few years (after he sold his 348) and it was a huge disappointment. It's piss slow but it does look cool. Repairs are costly because many of the parts are unique to the platform, unlike many other Hondas. The F430 Scuderia that replaced it in his garage is much more fun

The TTs are plagued by the typical VAG issues and will, I repeat WILL frustrate you to no end. I sold mine when I bought my B5 S4 and that was an even bigger waste of time and money.

The Z3s are neat little cars but I have no firsthand experience with them. I would suspect typical BMW convertible issues (tearing tops, etc)

The MR2 you list as first generation is actually the second generation and those can be quick and the sw20 is a great power plant. I actually considered one of these before I bought my 02 Z06... Which brings me to the Corvettes.

For my money, the 2002-04 Corvette Z06s are the hands down greatest bargain available. I love mine, even more than I love my 08 Z06. For <$25k, you can't do any better. You can find clean, low mile cars for $22k all day. I have both the 2002 and the 2008 side by side in my garage right now and I'll tell you that I prefer the C5Z for raising hell. The C6Z has better road manners but the C5Z is a brawler. I love it!

wts bko for cheap
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Thanks for the detail information.

How is the maintenance on the C5Z? I am coming from a Toyota Tacoma/pickup line of ownership so maintenance on those are minimal, doesn't require much beside the usual oil change.
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I do all of my own maintenance and the C5 is a dream. I bought my particular car bone stock with 29k miles in November 2009 and I've since put about 9k on it. 38k miles on the clock and a cam, bolt ons, etc and all I've done have been fluid changes. It was having an intermittent issue where it would idle droop and die with the A/C on because of the new cam but that was easily remedied with Hp Tuners and some time on my friend's dyno.

I did preemptively install a much beefier clutch because I have a habit of beating on my cars and I'm sure the stock one would have given out with my current power level.

My 2008 Z06 is all stock with less than 6k miles (I bought it new in May 2008) and it hasn't had a single issue other than with traction (factory Goodyear Eagle F1s suck).

These cars are stout. I dislike when people are quick to comment on cars they've never owned or even driven but I can tell you firsthand that you can't go wrong.

wts bko for cheap

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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Plus they wear out their expensive tires pretty quickly.
Just get an alignment. The factory spec puts the tires towed out for razor sharp turn in, and wears the tires out. Maintenance is crazy expensive. My cousin had one for a few years, but got rid of it because it was a money pit.

I'd probably consider the MK4 Supra or FD RX7. Resale should be pretty stable or go up on these.
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another vote against nsx.

i'd be pretty happy with either first gen mr2, honda s2000, or bmw.
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Of the list I'd personally vote Vette.
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Not on your list, but if I was looking for a fun car, I would be after a Lancer Evo 9 MR.
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