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Find a head unit that accepts SD cards. It beats the snot out o CDs and iPods. I spent about $250 for a Pioneer unit because it had iPod DAC bypass as well as an SD card slot. I thought I'd like the iPod control but the SD card and internal reader is great. Plus a 32gig card is about $20.
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I bought one of these, it works pretty darn good actually and isnt expensive at all. The buttons are kind cheap feeling, but the unit has worked flawlessly for almost a year. I like the SD card function best, like ballyhoo said 32gb cards are getting really cheap these days.

Dual Digital Media Receiver, XR4115 -
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I have been doing car audio for 15+ years. pyle is a flea market,white van in the parking lot might get lucky and have a good one then you might get a something with quality and customer service.I would look into having it repaired myself.
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I didn't read the thread.

Either way Pyle is a pile of crap. Aside from the fact that they sound like absolute horse poop, I've seen a couple head units fail within a year. Spend a few bucks more and get either a used touchscreen, or a standard radio from JVC, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, heck, even Sony.

The ONLY time I'd say buy a Pile is if you're intending to put it in an environment destined for failure like an outdoor boombox partially exposed to the elements.

I'd say the same for Dual, Power Akoustic, and all the other flea market brands. IMO, when it comes to car audio, it doesn't pay to cheap out. Get something from a good name brand, even if it means sacrificing a few features or paying a bit more.
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Spend a little more and get a decent Pioneer deck. I have been doing car audio since the early 90's and have had my best luck with Pioneer head units. I listen to an I pod 90% of the time, but I like the freedom to watch the occasional movie. I currently have 3 Pioneer touchscreens in my 3 vehicles and plan on upgrading the one in my towncar to a newer unit and using the old one in the paintball tank..
They are well built and long lasting, I drive around with the windows down most of the time in my truck and 4runner and have never had an issue with dust, temperature or anything.
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