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A) Subaru's are a quality vehicle
B) They are overrated especially as being "bullet proof".

A and B are not mutually exclusive.

C) The price on used ones is generally ridiculous. However, it is very hard to find truly comparable vehicles when you consider the AWD aspect making it hard to defend this aspect of my opinion. This can also be construed positively - IE "they hold value"

Frankly when I go to auction and think I could buy (and sell) a Subaru the price bothers me the vast majority of the time I walk away. The few times I have had them on the lot I have flat out asked customers if they had shopped for Subarus before telling them the price. If they had not I tell them the price and tell them to come back in a week. Oddly the last two I have sold were people who thought the price was ridiculous before shopping around. Still ridiculous but the best price they could find.
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The two that I've owned were some of the best cars I've ever driven.

The only Subaru since '93 to be available without the AWD is the new BRZ (which you're not looking at) and the AWD system is brilliant. The bulk of the time it distributes 90% of the power to the front wheels, reallocating up to 50% to the rear wheels when needed.

I wouldn't bother buying a used one unless you get a great deal. As others have stated, they hold their value better than other cars and you end up getting the fuzzy end of the lolly pop when buying one second hand.

The other reason I say to buy a new one is that they've improved on the poor fuel economy over the past three years with the Imprezza now getting up to 36mpg on the highway. The reason it gets poorer fuel economy than other cars in the same class is directly related to the awesome AWD system and the extra weight it brings to the game. You can also appreciate the extra weight in the car with a more pleasant drive that is smoother and quieter than other cars in the same class.

Realistically, the fuel economy is about the only negative I can find with the cars. The issues that some people will bring up with the head gaskets going was resolved in '04 (I'd advise against buying a pre '04 Subaru no matter how good the deal seems).
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I married into a Subaru family. My mother in law has owned at least 3 (one was stolen) and currently drives a 2005 Forrester. When we first started dating, my wife bought a 2007 Impreza and when we started going on trips together, I'd drive (and fell in love with) her car.
I'm required to get to work in every weather condition and after not being able to budge my 2005 non 4x4 Toyota pickup one snowy day (luckily, school was cancelled so I could take my wife's Impreza to work), I vowed my next vehicle would be a Subaru.
I bought a 2010 hatchback Impreza and it might not be the best-looking car (It's ugly), it laughs off every condition this screwy East Coast weather can throw at it. I've convinced co-workers to give up Jeeps and VWs in favor of these AWD tanks.
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We just bought a 2013 Outback and I like it. I wish there was a bit more cabin room (I'm a big guy and I like the kind of room you get with a bench seat and no center console) but it drives great. My wife would have preferred a minivan I think.

I will say I wish they made a small pickup truck.
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Originally Posted by Finnigan View Post
I will say I wish they made a small pickup truck.
They have on occasion...LOL!

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Favorite car I've owned is my 2007 Forester XT Sport.Granted its the 2.5 Turbo with a 5spd,not easy to come by,got mine for a steal 3 years ago for 10k.Basically the WRX Sti in a Forester body.Fast,reliable,quiet.My only real beef is the interior quality is sub par compared to the Hondas(3 Civic,Accord,Integra)and with the turbo I HAVE to run premium gas
I've owned Toyota pickups,Honda's,a few muscle cars and Ford pickups,other than my Integra nothing comes close to overall drivabilty and reliablility,plus I can carry 3 ballers and their gear for roadtrips
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I am pondering the XV. My 2000 GMC is getting really tired, and the 2005 Saturn is nice enough for me to drive. I figure the XV or Forrester will make a nice car for the wife and kids.

I was sold after seeing noclue119's drive around the frozen streets of the ATL.
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Subi's are great, the only thing is their gearboxes seem to be held together by the same stuff that holds the magic blue smoke in electronics. The transmissions tend to blow relatively easily and when they go, they literally blow up. One buddy had all of his third gear's teeth completely sheared off and then it shot out the bottom leaving a nice big hole. That being said, I know others who haven't had any issues with them at all yet.
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I always wanted a BRAT. I had a friend who owned one growing up. I don't think it would do the same as my Ranger though as far as load capacity. I'd love to see them make something equivelant to a Ranger or Tacoma.
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I love the WRX, otherwise, lesbian.
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