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p8ntd dawrld & thensum
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Got my first Subaru in 2012, new Impreza 4-door Sedan line. Great car, safe, sporty, gas efficient, affordable (car & maintenance), maintain their value as they re-do models every 3yrs, not every year. The only thing I miss is horsepower... When Subaru completely re-did the Impreza, including engine, they took away about 30hp, from 178 down to 148. My previous car was a Lexus IS250, and at 200hp, the 50 extra horses are definitely missed.

My mother just got a 2014 Subaru Forrester, loves it.

My girlfriend just picked up a new 2014 Forrester as well, loves it.
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I work on a lot of Subarus, and for the most part they are very good. Check for the head gaskets leaking oil (which can leak onto the exhaust manifolds and make a nauseating burning oil smell), as that can be a very expensive repair if it needs to be done.
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i drive nothing but Subaru. I have owned 5 so far, technically still own 4. currently drive a 2009 wrx and i am doing a wrx conversion on my 1985 brat.
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wrx is for 16 year old boys, brz is for 16 year old girls

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My mother and father-in-law have a forester.

It's heavy and not the most fun thing to drive. I liked my 99 Volvo V70XC a lot better for an AWD wagon.. yeah I know, bit of a different class... but still heavy with a turbo.

The car they own has leak problems... air leaks in the front window gaskets create a ton of NOISE. It also supposedly has the Warm Climate fuel/exhaust seals or some such nonsense because the car smells of gas when they visit hear (Upstate NY) in the winter... they bought the car in FL. THis is bs.. the interior of your car should never smell of fumes!

Otherwise it's a car... it's got a lot of miles on it, but I've driven more comfortable and more enjoyable vehicles.. some much cheaper.

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When the uncle sam put me in upstate NY a few years in 2009, I quickly decided my brand new Camaro would not see the snow and bought a better 95 legacy wagon. 14 years old and it ran like a champ. Also, that AWD in the snow might be the most fun I have ever had driving any car.

My wife got a Crosstrek about 6 months ago and she absolutely loves it. I've driven it several times and find to be comfortable to drive, handles kinda like a sedan. It seems a tad underpowered, but for how she drives it's perfect.
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Im very happy with my WRX aside from the weak synchros coming up. Gas mileage is decent for what it is, AWD is FANTASTIC. My WRX is a wagon, and Im pleasantly surprised with how spacious it is. It sucks in the back if youre over like 5'6, but cargo wise, its impressive.
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My girlfriend picked up a 2003 WRX Wagon for $9k last spring, she absolutely loves it. We found one thru the local Craigslist that had a 2.5L STi swap recently done for $9k and I gotta say it is an absolute blast to drive. It has a good amount of storage, gets great gas mileage considering the performance, and with a few preemptive maintenance measures (head gaskets on certain models) is very reliable. Somehow it has sparked a serious interest in cars from my girlfriend, which is something I've been trying to do for years. I think the practicality of a wagon with the performance of a sports car must be the right combo I guess.

Her WRX is a great car, but I've also had the horrifying pleasure of driving legacy wagons with 300kmi all over Colorado. Everybody loves Subarus out here and hold onto them for dear life, so it's not uncommon to see them well over 250kmi with little issue. If you're looking for an AWD sedan/wagon or small SUV, Subarus are pretty hard to beat.
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Hello fellow bugeye owner XD
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Originally Posted by Cobra427 View Post
cannot unsee
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