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Subaru makes nice vehicles.

In the 80's they built a reputation with a relatively small cult following of being nearly indestructible and running forever. This may have been somewhat true but generally the owners were mechanical and maintenance inclined.

I don't think that the modern Subaru's necessarily deserve that reputation. They are, IMO, no better or worse in regards to overall repairs than the vast majority of cars on the road. For most people I think AWD is drastically overrated when compared to normal usage and a FWD vehicle. Its a nice feature but not one that I would pay a lot of extra money for. Subaru's hold their value extremely well. If you are buying new this is a benefit. If you are buying used it tends to make them less affordable.

In the end I think the advantages of a used Subaru are overstated while the issues are understated and it results in them being overvalued. You pay more than you would for a comparable car that would do the vast majority of what a Subaru would in normal driving. Don't worry I think the same thing about VW though see different advantages and issues.
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Welp I guess I will give you guys an update. I found a 07 Legacy and the price was right... Needless to say I pick it up tomorrow.

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