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What do you guys think of Subarus?

I am just looking for a general overview of if they are good cars and what to watch out for. I have no particular model/year in mind as I don't have all the funds to jump on anything just yet.

Basically I know I won't be getting a WRX or a BRZ. (not that I wouldn't want one) Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.
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They are bulletproof, mostly. A good friend of mine has had two foresters. They FLY down the road. Insanely fun and fast to drive.
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Alot of punch, Japanese reliability, most models come with good engines and great performance. Some of the sportier offerings, WRX, BRZ, Legacy, and some Foresters have very respectable 0-60 times. 4wd is available on alot of models. They don't look great but they preform excellently. I've noticed they are popular in snowier parts of the country. If you want to build a rally car, there is no substitute for a WRX. A stock WRX can destroy most BMWs on road and then kick the **** out of it again off road. MPG is middle of the pack on most models. They are big on turbocharging their 4 cylinder engines. In short, they make a great car with tuner/racing potential.
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Screw the WRX noise

The legacy's are sweet on insurance and if you drive it sensibly you can keep that spare change in your pocket.

dont get me wrong, I like the WRX's'n stuff. But if you are going to get one, 2016 will be the year to get them, they are redesigning the body for 2016, if you dont like it, get the 15's on sale. if you do, you wont have a 15 thinking about how you want the 16.

Besides, so far it seems the collective opinion that the 2015 WRX's turned out to be mush. Heavier then the 2014 (dispute having the same engine) they still have a tiny gas tank, which feels like a pipette to most people. (even though the gas tank should be a 60 liter anyways) and they changed nothing at all.

also: all above posters points are valid, I am commenting more on body design...and insurance.

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I gave up shopping for a used one after looking at lots of prices. So... They have great resale value.
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I have a fondness for them. My first car was an'84 GL wagon, my family had had a lot of them, and one of my households current vehicles is an outback. Good cars, so-so gas mileage, generally slow, can go almost anywhere, and basically marching to their own drummer. Get so e manner of subie wagon and you'll have a greats d practical car
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I have owned 3 so far. The current is a 2004 Legacy wagon and has gone strong for the last 200,000 miles.

I need to replace the water pump and will be replacing the timing belt as well. Seems to be about a 6 hour process.

All in all, I plan to own another one if this one passes on.


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I personally own a 1998 Outback Sport with about 195k miles. The road salt here in Maine has pretty much destroyed parts of the body panels, but the rest of the car is going great. Gas mileage is decent at 27 MPG in the summer, and with proper snow tires Winter is a breeze.
My brother owns a 2004 Outback Sport. Only thing wrong with that one is an exhaust leak between the cat and the pipe (more salt damage). I think that one is up there in miles as well.
My father owns a 2007 Impreza. Nothing wrong with that other than a rattle in the hatch (probably a loose panel)
My mother owns a 2007 Legacy. The things wrong with that are not Subaru's fault, they're the fault of the POS shop it went to after a minor accident.

My dad also happens to be a mechanic and he recommends that pretty much anything 2007 or older are the most reliable Subarus out there. Apparently the 2.2L engine that were available until the model year 2000 or so were the most reliable engine Subaru ever built. The head gaskets leaked sometimes, but they never really broke. I guess a local-ish Subaru dealership pretty much outright bought a lady's old Subaru because it had something like 325k miles on it with just the standard maintenance having been done.
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I love mine, have owned a 2005 forested that my wife was driving on a Saturday morning full of black ice in December and she was involved in an accident, one were you ask yourself, "how did anyone walk away from this?" Well she did and was 3 months pregnant at the time so she is convinced they are real deal. Now we own a 2004 outback limited same thing in terms of enjoying the car and feelng safe.
Overall and it has been stated previously, gas mileage is middle of the pack, safety the top or pretty close and their all wheel drive is considered the best, they started the craze.
And they hold their value too
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A) Subaru's are a quality vehicle
B) They are overrated especially as being "bullet proof".

A and B are not mutually exclusive.

C) The price on used ones is generally ridiculous. However, it is very hard to find truly comparable vehicles when you consider the AWD aspect making it hard to defend this aspect of my opinion. This can also be construed positively - IE "they hold value"

Frankly when I go to auction and think I could buy (and sell) a Subaru the price bothers me the vast majority of the time I walk away. The few times I have had them on the lot I have flat out asked customers if they had shopped for Subarus before telling them the price. If they had not I tell them the price and tell them to come back in a week. Oddly the last two I have sold were people who thought the price was ridiculous before shopping around. Still ridiculous but the best price they could find.
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