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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
ok - backstory done - now lets go kill some zombies!!!!!!
Agreed. So what exactly was the point of this little blast from the past?
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hes gonna go with them...
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it is just a matter of time... I have a feeling a big shootout will happen at the season finale and morgan will come in guns blazing to save Rick and the others.
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Meh...last 2 episodes have been boring. I'm waiting for Andrea to die (kidding, although I don't really like her :P )
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lol michonne keeps getting more badass. she took all 10 seconds to get **** done.

Originally Posted by pirhana92 View Post
Meh...last 2 episodes have been boring. I'm waiting for Andrea to die (kidding, although I don't really like her :P )
i was enjoying this episode up until the preview showing her. you know it's gonna be a sucky scene of someone getting screwed as soon as her face shows up, and it was.

the only one who needs to die is her writer. she's always improving herself to finally encounter chances to prove it, only to **** it up. she learned to snipe, and shot daryl; now she couldn't kill the governor. it's like the writer knows she's supposed to be a strong character but couldn't help putting in some stereotype dumb blonde in this show for some strange bitter reason.
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Sorry, no hitchhiking in the zombie apocalypse.
But thanks for the backpack............
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The episode in my opinion was refreshing. Something different than just sitting around in the jail and doing little to nothing.

It gave Michonne a true chance to prove herself to Rick, to find weapons and showed his kid is a cocky little prick still.

With the walkers in the restaurant, why didn't they just open the doors and have a head bashing contest, 10 max?

All and all, it was something different and next weeks will hopefully be good.
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Originally Posted by Titus View Post
The episode in my opinion was refreshing. Something different than just sitting around in the jail and doing little to nothing.
I think this episode had more zombies than all the previous episodes this season combined. Even when they stormed the jail it didn't seem like they accomplished a ton.

It was also nice to see normal Rick and seeing Michonne earn some trust with the group. Though I was also thinking that Michonne could have just handled the zombies in the bar pretty handily instead of setting a trap with rats.
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This episode seemed refreshing compared to the rest of the season so far. The group that has done so well by doing something actually DID SOMETHING rather than sit around in the prison waiting for the Governor. I really think they are spending too much time on the Woodberry thing. Lets get the fight ,get it done, and move on. I am excited to see Morgan and see what is going to happen with him - I hope that is not it
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I thought it was a great episode.

rick got some issues off his chest and I think the shock of seeing how bad Morgan had it is a decent vehicle to shift Rick off the crazy train.

It was also a great contrast of the two characters. They both started the show in the same place. Rick was missing his family and Morgan had his son, but knew his wife was dead. Now a year later, Rick has his son and lost his wife, Morgan lost his son to his wife.

I felt bad for the hitchhiker, but think it showed that the group was in full on war mode. Don't take the chance trusting anyone.

I like the effort they put in to reintroduce the idle Walker device. I had gotten so use to seeing walkers ambling around, I forgot that they sometimes just chill and wait for something to happen.

Michonne got some bonding time and we can now assume she is part of the team, and she got to display some crazy ninja sneaking skills.

Bring it Woodbury!
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