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just got four new cds hears my review on them

my review of these four bands later since just got them and have not had chance to listen to them. i gave link to wiki so can see what type of music they are and get info on them before you go play them since not all in to death metal or other style of music only one band is full death metal.

soilwork: the panic broadcast
here my review of new soilwork cd. i like just like other cd but went a little back to there roots and little more like there 2001 and before but still like last 4 albums they made lots good clean vocals with growls mixed in yes you can call them some what death metal but more Melodic death metal with less emphasis on death metal what mean yes not Christan like for some lyrics but not even pure death metal lyrics 8 out of 10

in this moment: star-cross waste land
In This Moment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

so far in this moment is good but got to like the screams and growls the lady does. but you get get mixed of clean vocals with growls and screams. the guitar work and stuff in the back ground good. just wish she would not scream but do more growls like voice since hard to hear her or she just screaming for some reason. i give it 7 out of 10 for it. you also get mixed of female and male voice both doing clean, growls and screams but balanced out threw how cd.

triptykon: Eparistera Daimones

so far triptykon is good and if like the last celtic frost cd you love this cd its sound like last Celtic Frost cd i give 7 out of 10 for it. since nice guitar works not super fast but doom metal, avant-garde metal style to it.

sons of liberty: brush fires the mind
if you like iced earth you love this band its a concept album and good one. it style is like iced earth and good one i give 9 out of 10
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