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I have a Calico.. It, and 500 rounds of hollowpoint mini mag would accompany any survival thoughts. Anyone who claims .22 is worthless hasn't seen what a .22 hollow point minimag does to a meaty target. I garuntee no one would get up after getting hit with that a few times (since I have a 100 round magazine, I can do a 5 tap, why not?) but at home I have a few shotguns, and AK's, galil, 9mm, etc, should I need to choose.. The problem I always run into is I am always out of ammo because I will go out target shooting. Much bigger problem will be which gun has ammo for me..

As for survival/disaster. I live in the frozen tundra of the USA, so snow storms and power outages are the most likely situation to come up. My wife's brother ended up with almost a month with no power at his farm in N. Dakota last winter. Really sucked for them because their heat was all electric baseboard, and the cattle water tanks all have electric heaters, etc.. They were stuck home for the same reason the power company couldn't come out, snow drifts everywhere. He had a big PTO generator for his tractor, but couldn't leave it going too long, and it was hard to start because it was so cold, normally you plug them in to warm them up to start them around us. Anyhow, this got me to thinking.

We get some nasty storms and lots of snow, and are fairly rural (though not as far out as my wife's brother). So, I am setting up my electrical box to run just the boiler, the well, and pumps, along with the refrigerator, and freezer in the house. This should only be a few kilowatts, and I will set up a bypass switch so I don't zap a poor electric company worker trying to fix my power, and have it set up with a plug outside that I would plug into a generator. I have canned food, etc and we have a propane grill to cook with if we need to. I have 4x4, and snow machines to get out and get supplies if needed, so I have basically the plan to set up my home as a shelter..

The other aspect of my survival plan, is getting into an accident, or being in a ditch in a big snowstorm where rescue may not come very quickly.. Blankets, and energybars, etc in my trunk, along with the tools and a shovel (for digging myself out of a snowdrift) I've needed this once before, driving on a road plowed up on a lake, we were goofing around as teenagers, shutting the headlights off, and cranking the wheel to see where we ended up. Where we ended up was up on the snowbank, high centered at midnight in an area where no one would be for maybe even a couple of days.. Anyhow, we shoveled, and jacked up the car with the jack, and pushed it over till we got it back on the ice, and he had had to use the blankets to warm up be cause we were drenched with the snow, wet and cold.. So, yeah, teenage stupidity, glad my mom always insisted I carried that stuff in my car..
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Originally Posted by Heebs View Post
With all this self-defense talk (honestly I'd be trying to avoid people at all costs in a mega disaster situation). I'd take a .22 and have a 9mm or a .45 as my "oh ****" weapon.
I'm of the ".22LR rifle for eatin' and handgun for killin'" ilk if it's a flee into the woods for time indeterminate situation. Less to carry. Avoid people you don't know and everything should be mostly OK!

If you go to some of the "survivalist" boards, it seems like there are a few different generally accepted categories of SHTF ranging from total permanent collapse of society worldwide (zombie apocalypse, asteroid, etc) to temporary civil unrest (Rodney King, Katrina). Along with that you get the different plans for what to do ranging from Rambo Paramilitary Guy to Wilderness Hermit to Mayor of Bartertown. Most realistic to me seems to be the civil unrest/local disaster things where you just need to get out of town a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks. Pack some cash and credit cards, drive/hitch/walk a few hundred miles, and find a hotel. Barring that, have a week or two worth of food, maybe a week of water and a filter, and you can probably just hole up and ride it out if your residence isn't in danger of burning/flooding/etc.

Personally, if it's total end of the world type situation, you're probably just better of capping yourself in the head and being done with it rather than endure months/years of suffering only die when you run out of food supply/ammo or get raped killed raped and eaten by cannibals anyway.
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Air, earth, fire, and water bending scrolls and a snickers if its going to be a while.

Sling shot
2 General 1st aid kit w extras
.22LR w a brick of ammo
signal mirror
2 survival Knives 4" 6"
10 US Army MRE's complements of my sisters who is an Army medic
two camelbacks
4 1 liter bottles of h20
water purifying pills
compound fishing kit
folding hand saw
2 thermal blankets
200 matches in ziplock bag
45ft rope
and lighter

I live in Wisconsin also so for the winter car kits its.

5 5" w Candles box of 200 matches n Lighter
2 Thermal Blanket.
Columbia Ski Jacket w ski mask
2 pairs of Gloves
army shovel
Energy Bars
small tin cup to melt snow in.
extra cell phone battery (whatever phone i have at the time)
Road Flare Kit
and a Book

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Originally Posted by ofs View Post
Am i the only one with a bottle of tequila in his bug out bag? and i might have missed this too but maxipads and tampons make for some great bandages and are readily available.. plus if you win a woman in a shoot out you need to take care of her needs too!
I have brandy in mine, yay for the great white north. I also have:

Trauma shears
standard USN corpsman med-kit minus all the hypodermics and without an IV
thermal blanket
10 instant cold packs
1 pot
15 packs of Mr. Noodles (Spicy Chicken)
seasonal outdoors gear (yes, I have realtree too )
Ka-Bar 8" double edged tanto blade
Collapsable compound bow
30 high-precision hunting arrows
120lb draw crossbow
10 bolts
1 box of morton salt
5 bottles of water purification tabs

And just in case SHTF or you guys invade:
scarlet overcoat
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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i always try to have a shovel in my car in the winter... we get some pritty good snow here in RI sometimes. its a good idea.

yea TP is a great idea haha i cant believe i overlooked that...

some hard liquor is a real good idea too... thanks!

Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
Once you've had a fine young asian girl, nothing else will suffice......

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I just read the first post, someone else might have chimed in on this. First, stay away from supplies in the handle type knives. You could just put the stuff in your bag, be able to get it just as well, and a full tang non-hollow knife is a lot sturdier. Also, while you probably won't be using a condom for it's intended use, it makes a good short distance water bag. I recommend the SAS survival guide. Very good source for just about everything, and teaches you how to travel light, make your own tools, hunt, clean, and preserve game. I used to have one, but my ex's brother was borrowing it when we broke up, and I never got it back... Also, in case of zombies, I recommend zombie survival guide.
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No one caught this on my list
Hand Crankfield radio
I do not need a fishing pole, I can stun them in the water, also if I did decide to fish, a few cranks and I got earth worms!
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Originally Posted by FeWolf View Post
No one caught this on my list
Hand Crankfield radio
I keep a very small FM radio in my pack for news, with some extra batteries. I love the hand crank radios though, with weather channel, flashlight etc. I keep one in the house for when the power goes out.

I have this one, it's excellent... Etón FR160B Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger (Black): Electronics
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I notice no can openers

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Originally Posted by Fluff View Post
I notice no can openers
Who needs a can opener when you have a 12 gauge and a machete!
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