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Post Living in a Barn! It's gona be fun. (an ongoing thread)

Hey all,

I posted alittle wile back that I'll be moving to a 100 acre lot of land that used to be a dairy farm. What I failed to do was post pictures of the place and what was going on. For those who dont know whats going on, I'll write the whole story at the bottom of this post. But for now, the pic's............ (Oh, and the date is way off )

This was the first day at "The Farm".............

This is our 9 acre little speck we call a yard. "Piff" Not big enough eh?......................

Now for a tour of the Barn.............

Sadly, the oldsmobile isn't included in the package.

This going to make one heck of a work shop.....................

And this is to your right as you enter the barn.......

Going up to the hay loft...........

Very sorry for the crapy pictures, photography is somthing I'll be working on over the Winter.

So now, The Story............

So on the 21 of July, which was two days before my Dad went for gastric bypass surgery, our land lord (Dill) calls us up and says he's sold the house we're renting from him. "Oh, and by the way" he says, "you've untill the end of September to move out". However, in the same phone call, tells my Mom (the one who took the call) that he has this farm for sale. "Hmm, ya dont say?" Anyway, long story short, we checked the place out, came back and struck a deal with Dill. Now we have 100 acres of swampy/foresty land and 104' X 36' barn. And the best part about it, we'll be living the Barn. Like soon, like for this winter.

Anyway, sorry if any of this is alittle vauge. All will be clear as I update this thread.



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I hope the indoor plumbing consists of more than the manure conveyor troughs.

Very cool. You certainly have your work cut out for you, but I think it would make a fascinating conversion if you're up for it. There's a contractors/architects out this way making new homes to look like the ol' red barn...yours is an original! I've been in one or two renovated barns, and there is a certain 'atmosphere' they have, particularly after several days of damp weather...but it adds to the character.

Knowing the weather up your way, I'd say definitely get a couple of smaller rooms framed up and heated sooner, rather than later...those barns tend to be a bit on the cold side when you don't have 100 of your closest bovine friends sharing it with you.
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I guess I should post this now.

As some of you may know, I work for or used to work for an Army Surplus dude. And this dude gets these arctic modular army tents in. Heres some pictures of one we set up for a customer............

These are what we will be living in, in side the barn loft. The "Tent" will be 64' long. The tent pieces are 8' long x 16' wide, two 16'x16' rooms will be at ether end of the tent house. That leaves us with a 32'x16' living area. Not bad eh?

I'll post more info tomorrow, its time to hit the sack now.


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When you renovate the place are you going to keep it sort of folksy or have a modern house in an old building? I think the latter would be really cool.
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A tent inside a barn, that's pretty cool man. It'll be an amazing place to live once you finish it.
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The stories you'll have for your grandkids... "when I was your age, we lived in a tent inside a barn"

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Awesome, you don't have to remember to close he door!!

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Are you planning to renovate the barn, or are you going to build a house on the property?
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The possiblities!!

I'm in construction so something like that barn is like a GOLD MINE to me!

How much money you planning to throw in it?
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Blank canvas... Check
Tent in a barn... Check
Time... Check

Have fun!
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