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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
I'm an IT guy, so depending on whether people are web surfing where they shouldn't be, it can get pretty dirty. Or is that not what you meant?
I live again, so it would seem.....
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Brass and Wood Fan
I'm a CNC wood router programmer/operator, in charge of 4 machines. The big one when setup correctly will send out a rooster tail of wood chips flying about 12 feet. We have a dust collection system, but it's no where near big enough. At the end of a busy day I'm wading knee deep in sawdust and wood chips. Darn stuff gets into everything.
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Try Sandblasting where you live in the dust and dirt all day long and then they send in a wear gate covered in Lead paint to blast in a totaly inclosed unit so all the old paint as wellas the sand and dust is laying all around youand you have to enter and leave threw an air lock system. The painting part is just as bad as your always on a resperator and coveralls. try to remove some of the plastic paints afterwords or better yet try removing rino lineing after it is set upfor an hour or so on the skin.
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Not as bad as some of the jobs already mentioned but I used to roof for 4 years.
And that can get pretty dirty, shingle rock gets into everything, roofing tar is a monster to wash off, fiberglass sticks into your arms and you're always cutting yourself up on something.

....I hated that job.
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i almost forgot. that lab tech job i had also sometimes help out the macro bio lab, which means handling of dissection class dead cats, organs, etc. at one point we had a tub of expired sheep brains that we had to get rid of. they were all preserved though, so they don't smell bad. it's probably gross to someone but foul smell bothers me more.
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i a hitman lol. thats pretty dirty.
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Funny thing is my job was one of the only ones to break Mike Rowe. I do a bit of everything from picking up trash (including anything thrown out on the tracks, even deer hit by trains) digging out rotted railroad ties and rail as part of a replacement job. think gravel that has been left outside for fifty years with all kinds of unknown substances soaked in and topped off with a daily asbestos and dead animal bath. Now take a shovel and dig.
We have an expression in the railroad trade "be careful what puddles you step in, they may not be your own"
On a good day we do hot top. 8-125 tons by wheel barrow. In the summer heat. I actually consider this fun.

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

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Does teaching freshman count?
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I sell and service water and wastewater equipment. I have been in some wet wells that would make Mike Rowe puke up his shoes.
Beating the crap out of cancer.

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I surely do not the dirtiest job out there but has it's days...
I do a combination of operating, servicing and maintaining equipment in the Horn River Basin during the winter months.
The operating aint so much the dirty part but the the servicing and maintaning is. Crawling in, on, and under machinery in 20-50 below weather can be brutal.
Ever change a hydrolic hose on a John Deere 770 grader at 40 below? Oil everywhere, It's a nightmare to do even in a shop.
Freeze my hands on a near daily basis in the winter time.
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