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This is the first movie I've been excited about in awhile.
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Anyone remember this version of the song?
It's actually pretty cool, and surprisingly difficult to sing: The Hobbit (1977) Soundtrack (OST) - 13. Misty Mountains Cold - YouTube
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I prefer the Into/theme with the high pitched Bob dylon-ish voice. Is it the same guy who did puff the magic dragon? That or the goblin song
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fifteen birds
in five fir trees
their feathers were fanned
in a fiery breeze
such funny little birds
they had no wings
oh what shall we do
with the funny little things
oh what shall we do
with the funny little things........

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Sad thing is... I read/heard that in the deep dwarf voice...

Someone put the records I memorized on youtube... THIS is the ONE version to RULE THEM ALL!

I can't tell you how many times I have listened to this as a kid...

mobile (over 3 hours long)
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One week away people! And just to get you more excited check out this video:

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - 13 Minute Special [HD] - YouTube
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  1. Learn of Zombie infestation. How? Who knows. Probably from the General Chat section off MCB
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The Hobbitt

Well, sat through this last night for three hours. Not a bad movie for the beginning of a new 3 part trilogy. Watched it in 3D in High Def which plays a number on your eyes.
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I'm headed straight to IMAX for this one... I don't want the 3D and I don't want the high-frame rate either
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A bunch of us are going Sat. Funny that my expectations are not as high as they were with LOTR.
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Previews have been shoddy, I don't think it's a movie I'm going to spend a cinema ticket on, even though I loved the LOTR movies.
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