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scratch that, I'm totally gonna see it in 3D HFR on Sunday. I've read more reviews on various sites and all around it sounds like they pulled it off real good
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The basic review from the group I usually hit the prescreenings with was...

The CG was meh in places and in others it was "too real" Much of the movie had the feel of everything being a constructed set and having been shot "live"

Strong B+, weak A from most of the people I was with.

The movie follows the story closely, with only a few minor issues, such as the time it to Smaug to displace the Dwarves... (Made the Dwarves look like a bunch of wimps )


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There must be three?
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Saw it on thursday, really enjoyed it. A shame I couldn't have just saw a 2d version though. Screw 3d.
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I liked it but....

Kind of meh in the end. It did not live up to my expectations. Was it a good movie? Yeh. Was it "THE HOBBIT" - ehhh
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It was a good film, but I feel that they are trying to turn it into an epic story with gravity equal to LotR, which it is not. The Hobbit is a good story, fun to read, but as I recall it was written to be a children's story, and is more light-hearted than the Ring books. I don't think the filmmakers captured it. They tried, but are still stuck on that epic tale formula.

<Very, very minor spoiler alert>

I do like the expansion of story lines not detailed in the book, like Dol Guldur. I'm not a fan of the emphasis on Azog, and I think the animosity between elves and the dwarves is overdone. I don't mind the story expanding with a bit of artistic license into areas not detailed in the book, but I would like Radagast better without bird **** dripping down his face. And for some reason I have no problem with elves, hobbits, dwarves, or a race of angelic god-like immortals who send wizards into the world to protect its strange inhabitants--but a rabbit-drawn sleigh is asking me to believe a little too much.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the film and will be back for two and three. Excellent, excellent stuff. It's easier to voice gripes than praises.
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Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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The bits with Gollum were the best. His CGI was spectacular, and it really made the movie for me. Not cartoonish like the trolls, orcs, and goblins.

Much of the rest was OK. It followed the book, but just fluffed out an absurd level. It did have the lighter tone of the book, and I didn't mind the singing. It fit well.

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It was all fine and dandy, except the part where I was seeing it in 48 frames per second and thought it cheapened the **** out of the whole thing. the 3D is also unnecessary although it doesn't hurt the presentation NEARLY as much as high frame rate.

seriously: HFR for the mother****ing lose. DO NOT WANT
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I felt the hfr helped make the 3d look nice and crisp and the wideshots more beautiful.

But that was it. Everything else felt like a novella
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Watched it today, Imax 3d HFR. It was awesome. 48fps was awesome. Finally no more ghosting, bleed and other junk that is due 24fps.

Hopefully more movies will be in HFR.

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seriously: HFR for the mother****ing lose. DO NOT WANT
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