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Originally Posted by lukster14 View Post
or if you want the black/rabid smurfs represent the recent influx of people from those other sites.
A perfect angle!
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Yep they are rabid, and with enough applications of the cure
(wholesome brassy goodness) they can be reclaimed.

Like the zombies from i am legend.
Originally Posted by ~AXEL
What's that shadowy place over there?

That is Canada, Simba. You must never go there
Originally Posted by ~FinSec
Always remember, If it has tits or tires, its going to give you trouble.

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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I dont even know what the black smurfs said in english, maybe 'snap' or 'bite'? I read them exclusively in french and referred to them as the 'gnap' smurfs...
If I remember correctly, they said gnap or some other gibberish.
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Here yous go. This might be a bit helpful in explaining the situation.
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I think I always envisioned CJ as a smurf for some reason.

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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
well, the GNAP smurfs are regular smurfs that when bitten by a certain black fly turn black, and zombie like. ALl they do is hop around and bite other smurfs, causing the same condition. Papa smurf works like hell and comes up with a cure, but that part isnt relevant.

The 'joke' is based on social intolerance towards people of ethnicity joining clubs, events, etc...

The black smurf represents the black (african) human, and the other smurfs represent the typical racial majority of most american areas.

In times past (and unfortunately in some places in the present) a person of ethnicity joining a club or moving into a neighbourhood could cause people who are otherwise ignorant/intolerant to react in a xenophobic manner.

What I have attempted to do is to use the smurf characters in a microcausm fashion to highlight intolerance and bigotry in a jockular manner.

The subcutaneous joke is of course that in the Smurfs there was a cure; which if you stood back and took a hard look at might sujest that the author of the smurfs had unwittingly supplanted some very discreet intolerant views in his work.

Or in the alternative you could just enjoy the smurfs as being a liitle town of blue people, whose lives in no way are a reflection of modern society and their views.
Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Wait, so there's a black guy on the forums and he's gonna turn us all black? I'm so confused.
I just starting reading this for the first time and when I saw CD's comment. I laughed till I cried.
Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Youbdont hang out here on MCB much do ya?
Originally Posted by shredxcam View Post
Always. This is like an old folks home
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