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Grrr. . .

Man rotten run of luck with the vehicles here lately. Wife's truck has been down for months with bad transmission. It has 200k on the motor and in my opinion isn't worth fixing. She's been driving my 'project' car for a while and slowly beating it to death. Spent $$$ putting a crank sensor in it last month. Today I'm on my way to hardware store in my work truck and 'Boom!' Huge ball of flames out the back and truck starts vibrating. I rolled off to the side of the highway and the flames started to die down, engine is still running. I jump out, grab the extinguisher and put out the last of the flames, probably didn't need to and might have been better off letting it burn. Transfer case BLEW up. Its mostly not there now, just a few jagged bits of metal hanging on the brackets and a chain dangling. Big chunks of metal and a trail of oil on the highway. Not good. Not your run of the mill 4x4 transfer case either but NP208 military chain drive. A replacement won't come cheap.

Anybody got a junker 1980's CUCV 4x4 they wanna sell the transfer case out of? Or trade it for a whole lot of paintball gun work? I may have to have a fire sale. . .

Anyway, I just wanted to whine about it for a bit.
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Try here for your transfer case they may have one locted near you.

They have some cool things from time to time.
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Sorry to hear that, my man.

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Man, that is some bad luck with the transfer case. My cousin had the same thing happen to him. But the only difference is that he was going down a one lane road(the other lane was being re-paved). And it was this way for about 3 miles. So we just drove like normal. Actualy started to wave at the workers as they started to stare. Good luck with the finding of the new case.
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That ain't "whineing"....vehicle headaches have a way of turning one's entire life into a big headache!

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You've got that right kindred..... my car could be considered a vehicle migrane!
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